Five Delicious Placenta Smoothie Recipes (aka Would You Like Placenta with That?)

January 9th, 2012 by Dionna | 12 Comments
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In case you were wondering, yes, I am indeed one of those crazy ladies who ingests her placenta.1

Tom – wonderful and brave man that he is – accepted the task of cutting five pieces of my placenta off. We gave the rest to my friend Kandice to encapsulate for me.

Every day for five days, Tom made me a placenta smoothie. He rocks my world.

On day #2, Kieran wandered in as Tom was preparing my smoothie and said, “is that smoothie? I want some!”

Tom hadn’t put the placenta in, so I told him to go ahead and blend the smoothie, give some to Kieran, then blend it again with placenta for me. Kieran’s ears perked up and he asked, “why are you making mine different?”

I said, “when mama had Ailia, it took a lot of energy and my body lost a lot of nutrients. Many women ingest – eat – their placenta to help rebuild their strength and repair their bodies after birth. We saved some pieces of my placenta, and I’m going to put some in my smoothie.”2

As soon as he heard “I’m going to put placenta in my smoothie,” the look on his face was like he had bitten into something rotten. He immediately said, “YUCK!,” and Tom and I got to laughing so hard I had to run to the bathroom.3

At any rate, the smoothies were good. And to get you motivated to try your own placenta smoothies, here are five easy recipes that are healthy and flavorful, because not all of us actually want to taste our raw placentas.4 The recipes here were inspired by some I found via the forums. I have tried almost all of them, and they are all strong enough in flavor that they should hide the taste of the placenta for the vast majority of mamas. Really, you should be able to concoct any type of smoothie you desire and add in placenta.

For our smoothies, we love our Blendtec – it does a fantastic job of blending everything up so there are no hidden chunks.

Five Yummy and Healthy Placenta Smoothie Recipes

Frozen Fruit and Veggie Smoothie

You can easily substitute any fruit and or veggie of your choice. The smoothie simply tasted fruity, and I could fool myself that any tiny bits were really strawberry seeds. All measurements are approximate, Tom just dumped them in. Other optional add-ins to consider are a squirt of lemon or lime juice.

4 frozen strawberries
1/3 cup frozen blueberries
1 banana
4 baby carrots
1/3 cup spinach
3/4 – 1 cup cran-grape juice (any flavor juice will work)
1 tbsp flax seed meal (for Omega-3’s)
1 tbsp dry quinoa (whole or ground) (for protein)
Placenta (for each smoothie, we added a 1-2 cubic inch block of placenta, or about the size of your thumb or a good sized strawberry)
Dollop of honey (optional)
3 ice cubes

Nut Butter Smoothie

The spirulina will turn the smoothie black, but the frozen berries will also mask the appearance of the placenta. Add some cocoa powder if you are craving chocolate!

3/4 – 1 cup milk (dairy, rice, or other)
1 tablespoon nut butter (peanut is best, but almond is good, too)
1 banana
1/2 cup frozen blueberries, raspberries, or strawberries
1 tbsp flax seed meal (for Omega-3’s)
1 tbsp dry quinoa (whole or ground) (for protein)
1/3 cup spinach
1 heaping tsp raw honey
1 heaping tsp spirulina powder (optional)
1 tbsp cocoa powder (optional)

Frozen Tropical Fruit Smoothie

The strong flavors of tropical fruit will mask any taste of placenta. Add something dark/red-colored (spinach and/or a few berries) if you want to hide the placenta’s color. This might have been my favorite smoothie – it was delicious!

3/4 – 1 cup coconut milk
1/2 cup pineapple
1/2 cup mango
1/4 cup frozen berries
1/3 cup spinach
Juice from one lime
1 tbsp flax seed meal (for Omega-3’s)
1 tbsp dry quinoa (whole or ground) (for protein)
3 ice cubes

Vanilla Yogurt Smoothie

For those of you with a sweet tooth after the hard work of childbirth, this smoothie will satisfy!

1 cup yogurt (I love Greek yogurt)
1 banana
3 frozen strawberries
1 tsp vanilla
1 tbsp flax seed meal (for Omega-3’s)
1 tbsp dry quinoa (whole or ground) (for protein)
Dollop of honey (optional)

Veggie Blend Smoothie

I have to admit, I didn’t even attempt this one. The thought of tomato-based juice made me queasy, and I didn’t want to waste placenta on something I probably wouldn’t be able to drink.5 But for those of you who love V-8 type drinks, this one is for you!

3-4 – 1 cup tomato juice (or a blend like V-8)
Approximately 2 cups of your favorite veggies (carrots, spinach, broccoli, etc.)
1 tbsp flax seed meal (for Omega-3’s)
1 tbsp dry quinoa (whole or ground) (for protein)

Did you consume any of your placenta? What was your favorite recipe?

  1. More on that to follow, I’m sure.
  2. Tom said, “does it make you feel better about everything if you use the word “ingest”?” Ha. Yes.
  3. Don’t you just love post-partum bladder control?
  4. But hey, if you’re cool with that, more power to you!
  5. Interestingly, I really love these types of drinks ordinarily, I just couldn’t stomach the thought of them in my post-partum period.

12 Responses to:
"Five Delicious Placenta Smoothie Recipes (aka Would You Like Placenta with That?)"

  1. Claire   lactatinggirl

    I’m planning on encapsulating my placenta, but I hadn’t planned on putting any in smoothies. I have a friend that encapsulated her placenta last time and is contemplating just cutting the whole thing into chunks for smoothies next time. I do love green smoothies though, so maybe I’ll have to try some placenta smoothie. :-D

  2. Kate

    This reminds me of when we were at the birthing center for their “dress rehearsal” class. We’re in this room with at least 30 other couples and the nurse who is giving the talk mentions that “If you want to take your placenta with you just let us know and we’ll double bag it for you.” One of the youngest looking moms there gets this perplexed look on her face, raises her hand and asks “Why would you want to do that?” I was in the front row so I saw the “oh shit” expression cross the nurses face. I quickly interjected with “If you have to ask you probably don’t want to know” to which at least half the room responded with knowing chuckles and the nurse gently suggested she discuss it with one of the midwives. The nurse also caught me on the way out and thanked me; she said that almost every time someone asks that question it completely derails the class. I figured that was the case and that’s mostly why I said what I did; it was already late and we were going to be pushing it to be home for our toddler’s bedtime, I just didn’t think it was the best time or place for that discussion.

    PS: I don’t have any strong feelings one way or the other about women consuming their placenta. There does seem to be some compelling evidence that it can help postpartum but as a vegetarian for 14 years I can’t really see myself doing it. If I had difficulty with energy or depression postpartum I might reconsider. I have big babies though (both were 10 lbs 4 oz) and as a result they sleep long periods from day one so I’m never that tired.

  3. Elisabeth@Manic Mrs. Stone   ManicMrsStone

    Okay so I’ve been teetering on whether I want to do anything with my placenta when M arrives and this post actually pushed me over the edge to wanting to do it. I guess I just didn’t “know” anyone else that did so I was scared to. Thanks for talking about it! I don’t think I could do the smoothies…I have a hard enough time drinking a smoothie when I know that there is seaweed in it – even if it tastes like fruity heaven. I was raised COMPLETELY opposite of anything natural so I am still kinda queasy at the thought of ingesting my own placenta via smoothie, but I’ve heard that encapsulation is not so scary. Am I right? I am going to look into the costs of having it done.

    Thanks again!

  4. Amy   Peace4Parents

    Awesome. Plan on encapsulating, too, but plans can change and with these recipes they just may. :)

  5. Amy   Peace4Parents

    Hmmm… now I wonder. Should I bookmark this ‘Pregnancy & Birth’ or ‘Recipes’? LOL ;)

  6. Amy   Peace4Parents

    Oh, I love this, too! LOL

    “Tom said, “does it make you feel better about everything if you use the word “ingest”?” Ha. Yes”

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      You are cracking me up Amy! I saw this post pinned on pinterest under “Whatevs” (b/c she thought it was gross), “Foodfoodfood” (along with recipes for brownies and chili – ha!), and “Birth.”
      So I think you can do whatever makes you happiest ;)

  7. Violetsouffle

    Good on you for consuming it. I hope it helps. I didn’t even know About the benefits of placenta eating when I had little berry, but perhaps if I had I wouldn’t have had such PPD. I think you should really try to make a recipe for a coffee-flavored placenta smoothie though ;) wouldn’t that be hip? Heehee

  8. Shayna

    I was wondering if you guys included any membrane/umbilical cord ,from the fetal side of the placenta, with the raw pieces of placenta when you made your smoothies?

  9. Sadie

    Did you steam it at all or just eat it raw?

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      I had one or two smoothies with it raw, and then I froze the rest for use in smoothies. None steamed!

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