What to Put in a Breastfeeding Basket – Guest Post

February 7th, 2012 by Dionna | Comments Off on What to Put in a Breastfeeding Basket – Guest Post
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breastfeeding basket

Breastfeeding mamas of newborns soon discover that their main function in life is limited to one thing: nursing. We eat, breathe, and sleep nursing in those early weeks. And there is nothing worse than spending 15 minutes to get baby to latch on, feeling that let-down start, and realizing that you don’t have a bottle of water nearby (oh! the thirst!). Or a book. Or a snack.

So breastfeeding mamas of newborns also soon realize that they need what is fondly referred to as a “breastfeeding basket.”

Come share what is in your basket and read about what I put in mine – I’m talking about it today at NursingFreedom.org.

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