Embarrassing Moments as a Parent – Link Up!

March 2nd, 2012 by Dionna | 15 Comments
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The day before Valentine’s Day, we were invited to attend an anniversary party for our friends. We all got dolled up (well, I curled my hair and put on lipstick!) and drove over to their house.

As we pulled up I, uh, tooted. It was a doozy.

Kieran said, “what is that awful smell?!”

I said, “it was my bottom.”

Tom said, “it smells like rotten eggs!”

And Kieran started singing, “mama had a rotten egg! mama had a rotten egg!” He sang and sang and sang, while we got out of the car, while we walked up the steps, while we neared the door.

I was petrified that he would walk into the house full of people singing “mama had a rotten egg!,” and so I finally hissed at him to “be quiet!”

He had the gall to ask me why.

So let’s hear it, parents – how have you been embarrassed, courtesy of your kiddos? Surely mine isn’t the only one who is lacking on the social graces outlining when it is appropriate to make fun of someone’s gaseous indiscretions.

Leave a comment here sharing your story, or write a quick and dirty post and link up! Be sure to leave a link to this post and ask your readers to join us. Let’s commiserate!

15 Responses to:
"Embarrassing Moments as a Parent – Link Up!"

  1. Rachael   RachaelNevins

    Hilarious! If the Critter has embarrassed me (or tried to) in some such way (which is probable!), I guess I’ve successfully blocked it out of my memory, because I cannot recall any such moments.

  2. I linked up to my post from yesterday. I am constantly embarrassed by her apparent lack of empathy.

  3. Charise@I Thought I Knew Mama   ithoughtiknewma

    Baby hasn’t embarrassed me yet (although he loves playing “jokes” on my with his Dada), but I have embarrassed myself as a mama plenty of times. Last year, after being stuck inside for a week due to snow, we finally got a chance to go out over the weekend. I put on a nice outfit for the first time that week. When we got to the mall, where we would also be going out to dinner, I realized I was still wearing my bedroom slippers and had never put on real shoes. I’m sure I looked awesome ;-)

  4. Good Girl Gone Green   GGirlGGreen

    Oh, dear! My little E is too young to embarrass me yet. But I am thinking it will come!:)

  5. My favorite is when they announce to the whole public restroom about your activity. Especially when they are potty training and they clap for you when you go. Such fun with toddlers. ;)

  6. I got pulled over for going 7mph over the speed limit. After chatting up the officer and telling him that “mommy needed to go potty,” they proceeded to run out the front door when we got home to tell the people chatting outside that “mommy got a ticket, but that’s never happened before.” Wonderful, now half the neighbors know mommy was speeding.

  7. Crunchy Con Mommy   crunchyconmom

    My two year old heard an older relative say “Damn it” and has been running around shouting “Gammit!” whenever he gets angry. Luckily he gets the first letter mixed up, so I don’t think the general public knows what he is shouting, but it is still embarassing to me! It’s pretty hilarious too though, I will admit. He shouts things like “no brockey (broccoli), mama! more cookies, gammit!”

  8. teresa   momgrooves

    These are all so funny! I know I should have one burned into my memory, but I can’t find it.
    I’ll be back to check out the links though!

  9. See, this is exactly why I never ever admit to being the one who farted.

  10. kelly @kellynaturally   kellynaturally


    Yes, I have one. We’d had a playdate – a mama I’d just met & her two kids – and it went swimmingly; like really groovy, everyone got along.

    So, we’re at school, and I run into playdate mama’s husband, whom I hadn’t previously met. He started a “hi, nice to meet you, playdate-mama said you guys had a nice time” conversation when in swoops DD loudly announcing, “my mom just got fired!!!”. Um, what? I tried to ignore it, when she said it LOUDER. Conversation stopped. So I stutter out something about how (not trying to embarrass my DD BTW) I’m not sure what she means because I work for myself – DH & I own our biz, etc. etc. and meanwhile she’s cackling away; it just sounded like I was the biggest liar and weirdo, I’m SURE. …where do kids come up with the things they say?!

  11. Laura   LauraBangerter

    I was in a small bathroom with multiple people waiting in line. My youngest (almost three) was standing near the flusher while I was going. I repeatedly told her not to flush while I was sitting on the toilet. She promised me she wouldn’t. Then she flushes. Then I’m upset. I tell her to step away from the flusher till I’m done. She promises she won’t flush again… The whole time my oldest is also trying to instruct my youngest to not flush. Everyone can hear the whole conversation loud and clear.

  12. Terri   onelovelivity

    OH yes I’ve got a story that made me want to bury myself in a big hole… For Christmas my MIL came up to our house with big fanfare of all the presents she had bought for the kids. I tried to remain calm and ambivalent as they unwrapped a sack of plastic gifts that I would not have let anywhere near our house otherwise. The kids loved them and so over the next few days I tried to focus on their joy rather than the fact they were cheap plastic. But as I expected they all started breaking quite quickly along with some other plastic toys that were gifts. Then our neighbour’s son came by with one of his new gifts that also broke almost immediately. I got so upset that our children’s lives were being filled with such disposable nonsense and people all over the country were likely buying Christmas gifts from the influx of Chinese stores that have expanded in Dominica. (Please note that I mean no racism or cultural exclusion here but it is a fact that China is focused on opening a lot of businesses in the Caribbean and this is to the detriment of local business. Often as a so-called third world country we seem to get the dregs of the production line.)So in a rant I said to my partner ‘In the New Year I’m throwing all these cheap Chinese goods out of the house!” A few days later my MIL called to find out how the children were enjoying their gifts. My daughter went on the phone to say thank-you and how much she was enjoying playing with them and then she said ‘but Mummy says she’s going to throw all these cheap Chinese toys out of her house!!!” I was completely mortified. I have to watch what I say in front of my 3 yo!!!

  13. we live on a military base, so when i grocery shop i often stand in the checkout line surrounded by serious looking men in uniform. one day it was a very long line, and we were sandwiched between two older men who were both very high ranking and extra serious looking. my daughter was sitting in the cart in front of me, and decided she needed a snack while we waited to check out. so she grabbed the neck of my shirt and pulled it down, grabbed both breasts and started sqeezing them and yelling “num num num!”. and there was no escape. i spent the next ten minutes of waiting trying to keep her out of my shirt and avoid eye contact with anyone who had just enjoyed the peep show.

    • Amy   Amy_willa

      I completely empathize. . . and am laughing my ass off about this one! – A fellow millie wife

  14. teresa   momgrooves

    I remembered one and it just happened. I had to take my 4 1/2 year old to the doctor for a bad rash. She’d really been suffering and as we drove there I told her we could stop for frozen yogurt on the way home. She’d never had it before… But she hadn’t eaten a good breakfast either. I wasn’t going to worry about it and just let her relax and have a treat. Doctor Howie asked her what we were doing after and she said “going for frozen yogurt.” It was noon and he asked if she’d be having lunch first. She laughed, threw up her arms and said, “my mom says I haven’t eaten anything healthy all day.” Seems like not such a big deal, but I felt like I wanted to explain. I wanted at least 10 minutes to tell Dr. Howie how hard I work to give her whole foods and healthy treats… but he didn’t even blink, didn’t need to know… And so… extra frozen yogurt for mommy. (which gave me a tummy ache, by the way.)

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