Sunday Surf: March Edition

March 4th, 2012 by Dionna | 3 Comments
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Or . . . not.

From the Volunteers at Natural Parents Network

  • The issue of body shaming has been on my radar recently for a variety of reasons, and I was shocked to read about Jenn from Monkey Butt Junction’s recent experience at the gym. Come see what her gym management decided to post in the women’s locker room in An Adequate Amount of Shame. (And while she is not an NPN volunteer, I’ll also plug Betsy B. Honest’s post entitled If You’re So Skinny, Why Aren’t You Happy? Well worth a read.)
  • Quick and dirty link-up opportunity!! I need a laugh this week – who’s with me?! I want to hear about your embarrassing moments as a parent. If you blog, write a short post about a moment you’ve wanted to crawl into a hole as a parent, then link up to the Embarrassing Moments as a Parent post! If you don’t blog and have a great story, share it in the comments of the linked post – we can laugh together :)
  • A fun carnival! Join Sarah from Parenting God’s Children in the Pregnancy Necessities Blog Carnival. What couldn’t you live without while pregnant? Submissions due (haha) March 9.
  • And while you are writing for carnivals, do one for the March Carnival of Natural Parenting. We are talking about special needs (yours, your child’s, your experience as the child of a parent with special needs, etc.) – join us! Submissions are due this Tuesday, March 6.
  • Love the linky at Smiling Like Sunshine – she co-hosted a Kid’s Co-op: Playful Ideas Swap. There are so many ideas I’m excited to try.
  • We at NPN consider ourselves so blessed to have Amy of Peace 4 Parents in our midst. Her peaceful, honest spirit has touched each of us, and I encourage anyobe reading this to get to know her, too. She wrote a piece for Natural Parents Network on Respectful Ways to Share Natural Parenting Practices – take a look!

Around the Blogosphere

Teacher Tom's Balloon Room

  • Teacher Tom has An Empowering Experience that I’m trying to figure out how to replicate in my house – he fills up a “cage” with balloons and let’s the kids go wild. I appreciate all input about how to do this at home – I suppose I could take some of the toys out of the play/sewing room and just close the door?
  • I admitted to my friends recently that I’ve been feeling some (perhaps belated post-partum) depression lately, partially due to the fact that everything seems to be so overwhelming all of a sudden. Reading Overwhelmed? Put Some Boundaries on Your Blogging from Problogger was just what I needed! Now to figure out what I want to concentrate on . . .
  • I might have to include a rainbow inspired post in every surf. This week it’s a Rainbow Collage! What a fun way to use up some of those random craft supplies. (Courtesy of Smiling Like Sunshine’s link-up!)
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3 Responses to:
"Sunday Surf: March Edition"

  1. Julia @ A Little Bit of All of It   JuliaLittleBit

    For my daughter’s 1st birthday party, we cleared out a room, put bubble wrap on the ground and filled it with balloons. The kids (and adults :)) loved it. :). I think we put a baby gate on the door to keep the balloons in before party time. We are actually doing something similar (just balloons though) for her 3rd birthday in our dining room. :)

  2. Lacey Jane   LaceyJane

    I had a rainbow-themed wedding, and haven’t yet been able to “get over” how much I love rainbows. So beautiful!

  3. Isil   smilinglikesuns

    Dionna,thank you for the mention.I am glad you liked the links.As for the water beads,I don’t knpw what happenswhen they dry out,ours are still new. It should take a while I suppose.

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