Preschooler Potty Priorities

March 5th, 2012 by Dionna | 5 Comments
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In the spirit of my “Embarrassing Moments as a Parent” linky, my mother – Ruth – has submitted a guest post. Yes, I was also embarrassing at one point. Not that I’d ever do anything to embarrass my mother now. Ahem. Enjoy! And please – link up your own embarrassing stories at the original post!


We moved to Hiawatha, Kansas when Dionna was around three years old. It was so nice to be living in a smaller town with safe streets and nice friends to spend time with.

By the time Dionna was four, I allowed her to play outside on the front porch or in the back yard without my direct supervision. Her friend Laura would come over, and the two of them would play for hours!

I made friends with a nice gal down the street who had a daughter – Niki – just a year or so older than Dionna. Dionna and Niki soon because best of friends, and Paula and I followed suit. We eventually invited Paula, Earl and Niki over for dinner one night. When they came in the door, one of the first things Earl had to say to me was how cute he thought it was that Dionna was PEEING behind the bush in our front yard on an almost daily basis!

Since Earl worked at the Safeway store, which was directly across the street from our house, he had a front row seat to Dionna’s daily efforts to keep from coming inside and missing out on any of the fun that she, Niki, and Laura were having!

Needless to say, Dionna and I had a gentle conversation the next day about the appropriate place to go potty!

5 Responses to:
"Preschooler Potty Priorities"

  1. I assume they just directed you to the compost pile? ;-)

  2. Ruth

    If I had known this was for publication I would have done a better job of telling the
    I love you Honey…even if you didn’t embarrass me once upon a time!!!

  3. Joy   PardonMyPoppet

    Thankfully, no embarrassing moments yet from my 16 month old, but I’m expecting many as she has already started going on the potty!

    Warmest regards,
    Pardon My Poppet ~ Pip Squeaks from the Mummy-verse!

  4. Katie

    HA! This reminds me of a story i heard from a friend on mine whose son was caught by a passer-by pooping in their front yard. It would have been just too much work to go inside..

  5. Amber   AmberStrocel

    My friend has a rule that says, “If a dog can pee there, my kid can pee there.” By her standards, you’re totally in the clear peeing behind a bush. ;)

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