Giveaway: 4 Copies of Moon Time CLOSED

March 14th, 2012 by Dionna | 28 Comments
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My fellow writer, Lucy H. Pearce of The Happy Womb and Dreaming Aloud, has written a book that every woman would benefit from.

Moon Time: A Guide to Celebrating Your Menstrual Cycle includes resources that will provide you with creative tools to help you celebrate your cycle, rituals for self-care, nutritional and herbal suggestions for supporting you through your cycle, spiritual/ wise woman insight into your cycle, and a comprehensive practical guide to creating a red tent, moon lodge or menarche celebration.

You can get a sample of Lucy’s powerful writing at her two sites, but here are a couple of my favorite pieces:

From Becoming a woman:

It is only in the past few months I have felt a woman, become a woman, stretched into my woman-skin, inhabited my woman self.
How did it happen? Why did it happen?
I realised that it had happened, in retrospect. I felt like I filled my body fully – my large breasts and swaying hips. I fit my skirts and mama heart. I fit my moods. And I had learned to stake my claim on my own life.

From Shattered:

Here I lie, my brain writing masterpieces in the darkness
Words which evaporate with the dawn
The day is here once more, but sleep has eluded me once again.
I yearn for it like a lover.

Click on Lucy's painting to visit Dreaming Aloud and find a discount code to buy your own copy of Moon Time!

These are but two examples of Lucy’s writing, which I have enjoyed over the past year or more.

Moon Time is the first of the Woman-craft collection of books, which will share the art of being a woman that your mother never taught you.

Lucy is giving away 4 copies – one paperback and 3 e-copies!

There are two simple ways to enter:

1. Mandatory
: Like The Happy Womb on Facebook – leave a comment with your FB name.

2.Optional: Leave a separate, second comment telling us why you’d like the book, or share one moment in your life that you felt the full power of being a woman.

This giveaway is open worldwide and will end on Wednesday, March 21 at 11:59p.m. CST.

You can buy your own copy of Moon Time at The Happy Womb.

28 Responses to:
"Giveaway: 4 Copies of Moon Time CLOSED"

  1. Thank you for the Opportunity!! Liked on Fb Leah Wilson Zanin

  2. Teri Tarrant   terijdd

    Facebook Fan – Teri Tarrant

  3. Teri Tarrant   terijdd

    One moment I felt the full power of being a woman was while giving birth to my children. All the experiences were different but the first time having a child and what it entails really gives you the empowerment of being a woman. Knowing its something only women can do and can do multiple times is something to be proud of as a woman. I have 3 beautiful children and they are what make me feel powerful as a woman.

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