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March 24th, 2012 by Dionna | 86 Comments
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This is a joint giveaway with Code Name: Mama and Natural Parents Network. You may enter at one site only. Please find the section marked “Win it!” for the mandatory entry and optional bonus entries.

This is a giveaway of a Baby K’tan Baby Carrier, a unique and comfortable baby carrier valued at $59.99. One lucky reader will win!

From our reviewer, Dionna at Code Name: Mama:

About Baby K’tan: The Company and the Carrier

The Baby K’tan carrier is the brain child of two couples, both of whom wanted to keep their special needs babies close and engaged. Not satisfied with any of the carriers on the market, they designed a carrier that is a hybrid of a sling and a more structured carrier.

The couples wanted their little ones to be carried in “a position where babies can still face forward and see the world while having their legs in a more developmentally appropriate posture.” And that is just what the Baby K’tan does.

The Baby K’tan I received is made of 100% cotton. It has two loops of fabric connected with an adjustable back support band. It is very easy to put on – just slip the loops over your neck, put one arm through one loop, the other arm through the second, and you’re done. If you’ve ever used a Moby or other stretchy one-piece carrier, you will breathe a sigh of relief at the ease of this carrier. I used a Moby exclusively with Kieran for his first four months, and while both Tom and I got used to – and good at – wrapping it around to carry Kieran, it was never as easy as putting the Baby K’tan on.

The Hug Position

The PDF Owner’s Manual for the Baby K’tan shows several positions to try baby in. The one we’ve used most is the “Hug” position – baby facing in, legs out, carrier in a “seat” for baby’s bum. We tried may times to put Ailia in the “Kangaroo” position (froggy-legged) when she was a newborn, but she never liked it. Come to find out later, the babywearing experts are not certain that froggying babies is the most optimal position anymore. I’m glad we listened to Ailia’s preferences!

The Hug position is such a great way to carry floppy newborns around. The carrier’s soft, stretchy fabric holds baby’s head so that you don’t have to constantly worry about neck support. And putting the loop between and under baby’s legs creates an ideal supportive position.

The Adventure Position

Once your baby is able to hold his head up without support, there are other awesome positions you can put him in with the Baby K’tan so that he can be close to you while seeing the world. In the “Adventure” position, baby is facing outward with the same support that he has in the “hug.” Be sure, though, that your baby is comfortable and happy facing forward – both of my babies have been somewhat hesitant to try this position, they prefer to be facing inward or at least partially inward.

The Explore Position

For babies who aren’t quite ready to fully face forward, the “Explore” position allows them to engage with the world while looking forward, but still have much of the comfort of being snuggled up safely to a caregiver. As pictured, babies’ legs are inside the carrier; but older babies may prefer to have their legs outside of the carrier for more natural movement. The Owner’s Manual also shows you how to carry your little one in a hip carry, that is surely a comfortable, easy way to carry older babies and toddlers.

The Baby K’tan carrier is made for babies from 8 to 35 lbs. As Ailia has gotten bigger, I have noticed more stretch and give to the carrier, which I also remember happening with the Moby. Washing the carrier makes it tighten back up.

The one drawback to the Baby K’tan – as opposed to a Moby or similar – is that the size needed by one parent may not work for the other parent. The size we ordered is just a tad too small for Tom, and it’s almost a bit to big for me.

Breastfeeding in the Baby K’tan

Nursing Ailia in the Baby K’tan was easier than nursing Kieran in the Moby. I could shift the K’tan around much easier, enabling me to position her in a way that was comfortable. Would I prefer to nurse in a stretchy wrap? No – but it is often preferable to carrying a baby around to nurse.

You can see me nursing an almost 2-month-old Ailia in this picture. I’d taken the outer loop partially off and used it as cover and as warmth – we were outside on a warmer winter day. The inner loop provided excellent support, but I still felt like I needed to keep a hand on her for full protection.

I have not tried nursing in the “explore” position, but I imagine it would be comfortable and easy.

4 of My Favorite Things About the Baby K’tan

It’s not just a great carrier, it’s a great company. Here are four things that rock about Baby K’tan:

1. I love that Baby K’tan talks about the many wonderful reasons to breastfeed and gives tips on how to nurse while wearing babies.

2. You know how the two couples that designed the Baby K’tan have special needs babies? They are looking out for others – a portion of the sales of all Baby K’tan carriers goes to the American Heart Association and the National Down Syndrome Society.

3. Baby K’tan has their own song.

4. If you are the first person to help them get a store to carry Baby K’tan carriers, you could receive one FREE Baby K’tan Baby Carrier!


You can get a Baby K’tan carrier directly from the website. Amazon also carries several Baby K’tan products.


For your own chance to win a Baby K’tan carrier, enter by leaving a comment and using our Rafflecopter system below.

One winner will receive a Baby K’tan carrier valued at $59.99. Contest is open to United States addresses only.

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86 Responses to:
"Giveaway: Baby K’tan – $60 ARV CLOSED"

  1. Natalie   lunarmagic

    Oh I plan to get one of these for my new baby! They look so great… much easier to do in public on the run than a long wrap. I want the cotton in Eggplant. Or black, but purple is so pretty. ;)

  2. Erynne M.

    I’d totally choose the Eggplant – what a lovely color! (although i might also take a consolation prize in the form of the guy modeling the white breeze, haha!)

  3. Sabrina

    I’d like the natural, organic version.

  4. Melissa

    Black organic. It looks very comfy.

  5. Shannon @ The Artful Mama   The_ArtsyMama

    I’d choose the sage green.

  6. Elizabeth E   gypsydiva57

    I would be torn between the eggplant and the sage green. I’d probably end up choosing the eggplant though because we are expecting a baby girl in June and I need some girly colors in my life!

  7. Charlotte Robinson

    Black Breeze. It gets hot in Texas.

  8. Christena   cjaysbaby2

    I would choose sage green!

  9. Sarah @ Parenting God's Children   Sarah_the_doula

    Hard choice, I like the sage and the eggplant. Probably the sage since I’m pretty sure husband wouldn’t wear the purple one : )

  10. Sara   artyfuss

    I like the sage green. Size M.

  11. lace   fingerscrossed

    I’d love the eggplant baby k’tan.

  12. Nicole Smith

    New baby on the way and would love to have one of these to help with the chasing of my 3 yr old:) I LOVE the sage green, the husband could wear it as well!

  13. Kristie Rider

    I would choose the eggplant xl. This is the carrier I have been looking to purchase for my baby (EDD 4/18).

  14. Abby

    Looks Awsome!! Great giveaway.

  15. Ashlee

    The black breeze!

  16. Kelly Olson

    I would choose the baby K’tan breeze! It looks so comfy and breathable for the summer! Any color would be great!

  17. Rosa Hess

    Sage green is beautiful!

  18. Oh, man. I LOVE the K’tan. I made one for my SIL and am really jealous of it. I’d want eggplant, size M!

  19. Susan

    Ooh, the XS warm cocoa looks fab!

  20. Jessie

    Just had my first child on Thursday! I haven’t been able to decide which carrier to buy for him but, I’d LOVE one in Sage Green, Medium.

  21. Heather   xakana

    I would totally choose the black basic! This looks awesome :D

  22. Christine M Tubbytelly   _tubbytelly

    I would choose the Natural Organic carrier.

  23. I like the organic natural carrier.

    tubbytelly at gmail dot com

  24. Alessandra Peterson

    I really like the warm cocoa carrier!

  25. Interesting wrap! With my first, my mom gave me a carrier (from a garage sale) and I could never figure it out. That said, I’m glad to hear this is much easier than the Moby, which always has intimidated me. With the next baby (hopefully!), I’d love to baby carry as I’ll be out and about much more with a toddler in tow. I would most like the Eggplant in size S. Thanks!

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