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April 17th, 2012 by Dionna | 6 Comments
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This is a group giveaway with Hobo Mama, Living Peacefully With Children, Authentic Parenting, Up, Down & Natural, Code Name: Mama, Positive Parenting Connection, and I Thought I Knew Mama. Please enter at one site only. Find the section marked “Win it!” for the mandatory entry and optional bonus entries.

Poetry of a Hobo Mama: The First Three YearsIn honor of April’s National Poetry Month, Lauren Wayne of Hobo Mama is offering a giveaway of SEVEN copies of her poetry book, Poetry of a Hobo Mama: The First Three Years. Each copy retails for $11.99, so the combined value of this giveaway is $72!

Poetry of a Hobo Mama is a collection of poems by Lauren Wayne, inspired by the initial three years of parenting her firstborn son, Mikko.

About the book

I sling my baby like a bindle on my back,
tramping along the tracks
countless feet have worn before.

Poetry of a Hobo Mama contains three years’ worth of parenting poetry, written from the time Lauren and her husband, Sam, were preparing for Mikko, through watching him grow to three years old. She has included poems that speak of their natural parenting journey — breastfeeding, the family bed, elimination communication, and natural birth among them.

The book is a combination of free verse and more traditional poetry forms, and the topics and tone run through all the variations the poet felt when writing them: the grief of miscarriage, the anticipation of trying to conceive, the upheaval of the newborn months, the joy of parenting, and the balance of motherhood with personal passion.

Until you move away

Pillow hog and space eater,
chubby legs kicking my thighs.
Starfish hands pushing my chest
and unh unh unh in the darkness
until I roll over and let you feed.
Dream interrupter, devourer of sleep,
you take while I wait
until you move away.

Lap hog and attention seeker,
sturdy body invading my space.
Starfish hand pulling my chin
to meet your gray-green eyes,
your chatter about octopi.
Poem interrupter, devourer of time,
you talk while I wait
until you move away.

Imagining a night with full sleep,
imagining a day with concentration,
uninterrupted, unrelenting,
Dreading the day
you move away.

My review

I never understood that becoming a mother would connect me to the heartache and joys and wisdom and love – all of the beautiful and ugly things that go along with motherhood and every other woman who has carried a child in her womb or her heart. I never understood that reading about another woman’s pregnancy loss could touch me so deeply. That someone’s thoughts about the first time her son would have a broken heart would make me ponder my own future reactions so fervently. Poetry never tugged at my heart strings quite so profoundly . . . until I became a mother.

I bought Poetry of a Hobo Mama to support my friend, Lauren. I know Lauren is a great writer, and I’ve read some of her poetry at her websites, Hobo Mama and

But I wasn’t quite prepared for the laughs, tears, and head nods that I’d be doing as I devoured Lauren’s poetry. Sometimes I found my body swaying softly to the rhythmic lyrics she often composes. Or brought up short by twisty endings. Or zinged by a clever turn of phrase that always made me think, I want to write like that!

Today I lived the poem below.

The Problem with babies

The problem with babies
is how needy they are.
They don’t want to let you
write a poem,
or have a snack,
or pee.
They think it’s all about them,
whatever their wish at the moment:
a feed,
a cuddle,
a look at their truck
or a kiss on their toe.
And the real trouble is,
they never stop needing you,
do they?
Even on your deathbed,
it’s all about them,
what they’ll feel,
how they’ll fend,
when you’re gone.

I know you, too, will find Lauren’s poetry relevant . . . real. And I’ll be sharing one more poem Thursday (along with a post I wrote that was inspired by the poem) at Sorta Crunchy – stay tuned. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

About the author

Lauren WayneLauren Wayne lives and writes in the Pacific Northwestern USA, with her husband, Sam, and their two sweet boys: four-year-old Mikko (almost five, he would tell you!) and ten-month-old baby Alrik (who persistently makes the concerned face you see in the picture at right). She has been writing and publishing poetry for twenty-five years, but parenting has added even more inspiration. Poetry allows her to be honest about her emotional journey and to show an image, pin down a feeling, in a way that other writing does not.

Lauren blogs at Hobo Mama about natural and attachment parenting, and gives a behind-the-scenes look at writing at She co-hosts the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting and is a cofounder of Natural Parents Network, a site that brings together attachment parents interested in a natural lifestyle.

Lauren and Mikko grace the book’s cover — that’s Lauren and Mikko breastfeeding in public on a Seattle beach when Mikko was just a few months old.


You can purchase your own copy of Poetry of a Hobo Mama at Amazon and CreateSpace. It’s available internationally and on Kindle through Amazon. The list price is $11.99 for the paperback and $9.99 for the ebook.

Just for our readers, Lauren is offering a 20% discount on all book orders through CreateSpace only. (Amazon unfortunately won’t allow coupon codes.) Enter code SAP84AYJ during the ordering process.


For your own chance to win one of seven copies of Poetry of a Hobo Mama, enter by leaving a comment and using the Rafflecopter system below.

Contest is open WORLDWIDE.

MANDATORY ENTRY: Share one of your favorite parenting moments.

We will draw one winner for each blog, so we’ll also ask which blog you’re entering from.

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Contest closes April 30 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time.

6 Responses to:
"Giveaway: Poetry of a Hobo Mama – 7 Winners! CLOSED"

  1. teresa   momgrooves

    I think I’m missing where to click to enter. The tiny Rafflecopter link goes to an Ooops page.

    I wanted to tell you also that this review is great. I love your thoughts on Lauren’s poetry. I’ll try to win it first, then buy it if I don’t.
    I’ve been meaning to forever.

    I’ll try another site…

  2. One of my favorite parenting moments when we would wake up in the morning and play little counting games before getting out of bed.

  3. Melinda J

    Choosing a favorite parenting moment is nearly impossible! I have so many, every day, and my favorite might just be the anticipation of the next one. I love watching him grow. I get so excited when he accomplishes a new skill. He can reach all of the light switches in the house now, and sometimes turns them ALL on. He can open the cupboard locks, I need to move all the cleaning supplies. He can break open eggs without leaving bits of shell in the batter. He can RUN, really really RUN! He is starting swimming lessons this week and I might be more excited than he is. I don’t miss the days when he was little. I love the days when he grows bigger. I am so proud of my big boy!

  4. Jessica

    I love most moments with my children (don’t we all have off moments or days despite our best efforts) but by far, my favorite moment with both of them was the moment of birth. Meeting, for the first time face to face, the little one I have carried inside myself, dreamed about, and have countless hopes and wishes for was, for me, an incredibly powerful moment of absolute joy and love.

  5. Jessica

    My favorite poet has, for quite some time, been Emily Dickinson.

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