Giveaway: Breastmilk Pendant – $75 ARV CLOSED

April 22nd, 2012 by Dionna | 111 Comments
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This is a giveaway of a $75 Gift Certificate for a Hollyday Designs Breastmilk Pendant, a visual keepsake to wear yourself and then pass on to your child. One lucky reader will win a gift certificate for $75! Please find the section marked “Win it!” for the mandatory entry and optional bonus entries.

About Hollyday Designs and Breastmilk Jewelry

Holly of Hollyday Designs knows how beautiful the breastfeeding relationship is. She also knows what it means for it to end. She writes:

Breastfeeding has changed my life, expanded my mind, and connected me to my boys in ways I could have never imagined. I am so very passionate about my children and amazed that my milk has helped them grow so beautifully. What an extraordinary power to MAKE MILK, and I would do anything to preserve that forever. . . . To see that precious milk preserved forever is beautiful to me and I hope you agree.

While breastfeeding is a much lauded and celebrated experience, weaning does not always enjoy such positivity. The weaning process can be bittersweet for a number of reasons. Finding a way to commemorate and celebrate weaning can leave both mama and child with a much happier outlook.

Hollyday Designs offers several different types of breastmilk pendants that you can wear on a necklace, as well as a breastmilk pendant bracelet and a breastmilk pendant ring. These pendants will “last as a visual keepsake that you can pass to your children as they become parents.”

Holly offers a variety of pendants. For those of us who love a splash of color, you can choose the pendant that I opted for – a pendant in a bezel stamped setting. You can ask Holly for a certain color background, or you can send in your own paper. I had two pretty pieces of scrapbook paper that I thought would be gorgeous backgrounds, and I sent both in – you can see the fronts of my pendants in the picture above.

Your bezel color can be sterling plate or antiqued copper, and Holly will stamp a name and/or date on the back of the pendant. I decided to go ahead and get two pendants, one is stamped with Kieran, the other with Ailia. While Ailia is still far, far from weaning at almost 5 months old, I took advantage of Holly’s half price offer for a second pendant.

For anyone who would like to order a second item in Holly’s shop, she has a buy one get one half price policy.

hollyday vintage filigree locket milk pendant

The vintage filigree locket pendant in Holly’s shop is gorgeous, and I thought long and hard about getting this one. I love antique (and antique-looking) jewelry, and this locket is so sweet! Holly chose this locket for mamas who want something more discreet.

Other pendants come in petite or large sizes, you can choose round, oval, square or rectangle. For your milk bead design, Holly can do a heart, flower, teardrop, star, oval, cross, or hand print.

There are pendants with double, triple and quadruple milk beads, pendants encircled in stamped rings, and a milk bead in a sweet little copper cup. And if this snazzy lucky penny pendant had been available when I ordered, I would have snatched it up in a heartbeat!

So how does she get the milk into those pendants? It is a mystery! All we know is that it “is a lengthy process that has many steps, each step requiring several days, and it is important the resin cures completely.”

Even though it is a complicated process, Holly was very prompt in getting my pedants made and back to me. She was also very kind and happy to answer questions via Etsy messaging.

If you are reaching the end of your breastfeeding journey, I encourage you to explore how you can celebrate this change in your life and the life of your child. Breastmilk jewelry by Hollyday Designs is a beautiful keepsake that you can wear as a sweet reminder of the bond you formed while nursing your little one.

You can read more about the process, what to expect, care of your jewelry, and more at Holly’s blog.

Please note: Holly is taking a break from orders for the next couple of months. She will return in the summer (probably in August), and the giveaway winner will be able to place her order once Holly returns.


You can order your own breastmilk jewelry from Hollyday Designs on Etsy.

And just for readers of Code Name: Mama, you can take an extra 10% off once Holly returns this summer through September 1st; use coupon code codenamemama10.


For your own chance to win a gift certificate for $75 to Hollyday Designs, enter by leaving a comment and using our Rafflecopter system below.

One winner will receive a gift certificate for $75. Contest is open WORLDWIDE.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest closes May 23, 2012 at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Time.

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111 Responses to:
"Giveaway: Breastmilk Pendant – $75 ARV CLOSED"

  1. Lacie W   lacieface

    I love this idea! I might just buy one anyway.. :P

    • I was just sitting here showing these pendants to my husband and I asked him, “Do you know what the white part is?” He guessed, “Sand.” I told him, “It’s breastmilk!” He was so surprised but like me thought it was an amazing idea to do this. I really also like the Vintage Filligree Locket Milk Pendant. So beautiful! That’s what I hope I’ll win! :)

  2. Jessie

    This is AMAZING! I’ve never heard of anyone doing this before! I’d love the large pendant with my son’s name and a crescent moon milk bead.

  3. Beth Santoro

    What a beautiful way to hold the gift of breastfeeding close to your heart once you’re no longer nursing! I have been nursing my daughter for 9 months, and I think these pendants are beautiful!

  4. Amy

    What a treasure! I would love to have one!

  5. Christina Fletcher   whotheyare

    This fascinates me! I would probably go with the antique style one. I love the idea of it being a locket. I’m not sure when weaning will come in to play. Our boy is going to be 3 in July and quite honestly, he loves his “ta”. Sometimes I think he’s on his way to weaning, and then he’ll hit a bad growing spurt or teething and back he goes. I love it though, and yes the bond is spellbinding.
    Thanks for the chance at the great contest.

  6. Alison K   AliKayK

    I LOVE this Lucky Penny Milk Pendant- it’s gorgeous and unique. Hope I win! :)

  7. loriag   loriagalbraith

    I love the Vintage Filigree Lock of Hair or Cremation Locket.

  8. leah

    Copper cup! So pretty!

  9. Holly

    I would get the filigree vintage locket pendant–I love the locket look and the idea of preserving some of my milk.

  10. Kerri

    I think I’d get the lucky penny with teardrop or crescent moon

  11. Andrea Gardner   Organicmommaof4

    This makes me weepy….I am nursing my last baby and although weaning is not in sight, she is my last. I think after over 10 years (thus far) I will feel lost to not have a babe at my breast. This is an amazing tribute.
    I would get either the copper cup or lucky pendant.

    (really I want 4; one for each kid:) LOL)

  12. Sky Yetter

    I love them all but I think I would choose the filigree locket with a star design. Just gorgeous! domesticdiva18 at aol dot com

  13. Sky Yetter

    Forgot the link…

    I love them all but I think I would choose the filigree locket with a star design. Just gorgeous! domesticdiva18 at aol dot com

  14. Dawn Howell   cassia_dawn

    I like the vintage locket!

  15. Rebecca W

    I love the vintage locket milk pendent. I think I need one if my little one ever weans! :)

  16. Courtney

    These are absolutely adorable. I never even thought about this but totally cool.

  17. Courtney

    This one also is my favorite. Ive been telling my hubby I wan’t one ever since we found out were having another baby girl.

  18. Karina

    What beautiful jewelery! I really like the Large Milk Pendant Mother and Child… so sweet What a great giveaway! :)

  19. Susie

    I love the vintage filigree locket pendant

  20. Piper

    love the two stars: i’ve been eyeing these for quite some time and am so excited for the chance to win!

  21. Jess

    Wow! I love this! I really like the filigree locket with the birthstone charm and name charm but I like the penny one too. I might just buy one without waiting to see if I win!

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