Preschool Weekly Activities (24) – Time

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The Preschool Weekly Activity Schedule is designed to help parents and caretakers of preschoolers do one easy but enriching activity with their children each weekday. The activities can also be adapted to fit the needs of toddlers and older children.

Each theme features fun and educational activities; book and music suggestions; and other ideas to help adults and children connect through learning and fun. Please check out the archives for other themes and activities.

This week we’re going to talk about time. Many thanks to Shannon of Pineapples & Artichokes for allowing me to share these fun activities!

Monday – Science Adventures

Measuring Time: Find all the different ways to measure time in your house. Discuss the difference between analog and digital. Watch how much fast the minutes move, then the hours. Set timers for different amounts of time. With the help of a stop watch see how fast you can run around the room. With an hour glass, see how many words you can write in a minute.

Tuesday – Fun with Numbers

What We Do In A Day: With an analog clock, explore what the clock looks like when it’s time for different parts of the day. This is also a good time to talk about the difference between morning, afternoon, and night time.

Wednesday – Motor Skills

Be A Sundial: Find a flat piece of pavement near your house and draw an X in the center. Have your child stand on the X and trace around their shadow. Repeat every half hour.

vacuum tube clock

Thursday – Music and Art

Make Your Own Calendar: Print a blank calendar and use images to mark your planned activities. Depending on the age of your child and the size of your calendar, the kids can draw their own pictures, use stickers or print out free clip art from the web.

Friday – Exploring Our World

Orbit And Axial Tilt: Discuss how the earth’s orbit around the sun determines the length of our year, and the tilt determines seasons. A good primer on this is here. Then, with a globe and flashlight, explore how the shadow stays on the bottom of the earth while the earth spins on it’s axis. See how the shadow changes depending on how far or close the flashlight is to the globe.

Weekend – Field Trip

Visit the Planetarium!: Check the nearest Science Center or college campus for a planetarium you can visit. They will either have a star show you can watch or will let you examine the big telescopes.

Book, Music, and Video Suggestions

  • A Second Is A Hiccup
  • Nine O’Clock Lullabye
  • Time lapse video of the Earth from orbit.
  • Days of the Week Song -Traditional English song, to the tune of “Johnny Works With One Hammer.”

    Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
    Wednesday, Thursday
    Friday, and Saturday
    Then Sunday comes again

  • Twelve Months In A Year -To the tune of “Ten Little Indians.”

    January, February, March, and April
    May, and June, and July, and August
    September, October, November, December
    Twelve months in a year!

  • Earth, Moon, and Sun Song -To the tune of “The Farmer In The Dell.”

    The Earth spins around, the Earth spins around,
    Once a day, every day, the Earth spins around

    The Moon goes round the Earth, the Moon goes round the Earth,
    Once a month, every month, the Moon goes round the Earth

    The Earth goes round the Sun, the Earth goes round the Sun,
    One a year, every year, the Earth goes round the Sun.


Shannon of Pineapples & Artichokes created this lesson plan from a series of lessons done by the co-op homeschool preschool her daughter is enrolled in. The other contributors are Lori Glickman, Lindsey Fellows, and Kimberly Agbayani.

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"Preschool Weekly Activities (24) – Time"

  1. teresa   momgrooves

    What an incredible resource!!!! I can’t wait to dig into these. thanks!!

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