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May 12th, 2012 by Dionna | 4 Comments
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Before you read any further, please take a minute to think of seven of your mama friends. No really, get a piece of paper and write down the names of seven of your friends who are mothers.

Here are my seven:
Lauren of Hobo Mama
Jennifer of Hybrid Rasta Mama
Jorje of Momma Jorje
Mandy of Living Peacefully with Children
Amy of Me, Mothering, and Making It All Work
Laura of WaldenMommy: Life Behind the Red Door and
Joni Rae of Tales of a Kitchen Witch.

Now, think about one of those friends being gone.

Why am I being morbid, you ask?

Because I just learned that in rural Papua New Guinea, 1 in 7 women die in childbirth. I am shocked. That rate is mind blowing to me.

And I want to do something to help.

Bloggers for Birth Kits was created as “a simple initiative to rally bloggers to reach out and help mamas in Papua New Guinea.” The dynamo behind Bloggers for Birth Kits, Adriele, volunteers for YWAM Medical Ships, and she knows how life-saving birth kits can be for the women of Papau New Guinea.

Adriele helped put together over 2000 birth kits last year, and she’d love to do at least that many this year. You can help in several ways:

What can you do?

1. Make a birth kit. Assemble one yourself or gather a group of friends to make a box full of them! Mail your kits to: Adriel Booker, Bloggers for Birth Kits, PO Box 6221, Townsville, Queensland, 4810, Australia. Adriele will distribute the kits in some of the poorest regions of Papua New Guinea on their Medical Ship.

2. Donate for a birth kit to be made on your behalf. ($10 will buy 5 kits!) All donations for B4BK go toward the assembly and distribution of birth kits, as well as maternal care education. Make your online donation here. Please be sure to write Bloggers for Birth Kits in the “additional comments” box so the funds will be allocated properly.

The Mommyhood Memos Bloggers for Birth Kits

3. Help raise awareness
by posting about the cause on your blog, facebook, pinterest, and twitter. (Please use the hash tag #B4BirthKits!)

4. Add the Bloggers for Birth Kits button to your blog. (Find the code on the sidebar at Adriele’s site.)

Click on over to Bloggers for Birth Kits if you’d like instructions on how to make your own kit.

But if you don’t want to make your own kit, you can take the easy way out (like I did!!) and donate.

Here is my challenge: This Mother’s Day, donate $14 to honor each of the seven friends you thought of earlier. Your $14 donation will help Adriele put together 7 birth kits.

If your family does not have $14, then just donate $2. Each birth kit helps!! Donate $2 in the name of one of your seven friends, and ask her to do the same. Each of our small donations will go to help save the life of a mama who does not have access to the same health care that we do.

Please share this post on Facebook, and help save the life of a mama this Mother’s Day.

Many thanks to Boho Mama for blogging about this and bringing it to my attention!

4 Responses to:
"Bloggers for Birth Kits"

  1. Violetsouffle

    Wow! That’s a shocking statistic. I Will definitely be donating. Thanks for telling me about this!

  2. Laura   Puginthekitchen

    I was really upset about this when I read another blog that linked to the cause… I’m trying to get together a group of Mamas here to do this as a service project a few times a year. No one should have to fear for the life of their spouse or baby in a birthing situation… they should be granted the joy in life and I hope this will go a long way in helping!

  3. Thanks so much for helping to raise awareness for this initiative. Will definitely be donating as well!

  4. Adriel Booker   mommyhoodmemos

    Thanks so much for posting about this Dionna. Wow, it’s pretty confronting when you actually think about seven of your friends, isn’t it?? So hard.

    I’m thankful we have a practical way that we can make a real difference for these beautiful women. Appreciate your involvement.

    adriel x

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