And This Is Why I Feel Crazy – Can You Relate?

May 25th, 2012 by Dionna | 23 Comments
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Yesterday morning we got up and dressed a little early in order to drive Tom to work (our garage door was broken, and my car was trapped inside1).

We came home. I made breakfast, strained almond milk, did dishes, and changed a diaper.

Kieran and I picked up the dining room table, which is the receptacle for every stick, toy, piece of trash, and other assorted sundries.

I nursed Ailia to sleep while catching up on a few mindless online things.

I laid Ailia down2 and played superheroes with Kieran. I was Butterfly Girl. I also cleaned the playroom and picked up the living room while playing.

Then we read a book.

I said, “now that we’ve played and read, I need to sit down and do some work while I have my hands free. Do you want me to get you magazines to cut? Playdough? Do you want to read by yourself?” He chose to read by himself.

I sat down at the computer and wrote a light-hearted update on Facebook. It said:

Ailia’s laying down and Kieran is reading books by himself. I have sat down for approximately 12.3 seconds, waiting for something to get me back up in 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . .

And my next update said:

Wow, I actually got a 10 count before Ailia woke up. :/

Yep. I sat down for 10 seconds before I had to get back up.

It has taken me an hour to write this post, because in between every other sentence I:

took off a wet diaper *** found a toy for Ailia to chew on *** comforted Kieran after he hurt himself by dropping a book on his head *** tied his doll’s mei tai onto him *** cleaned up spit-up *** got a glass of water *** found another toy for Ailia to chew on *** answered a text *** got Kieran a snack *** got Kieran magazines to cut *** cleaned a mess *** read the comments on the Q&A thread at Kellymom *** answered a direct message on Facebook *** turned play gloves right side out *** fastened a superhero cape *** answered at least ten different questions about various things (when will we see friends today? what letter does chair start with? do you know what powers I gave Ailia? and so on) *** put dirty clothes in a hamper *** sat Ailia on the potty (she didn’t go) *** put a diaper on Ailia *** took a wet diaper off of Ailia two minutes later (sigh)

. . . the list goes on.

Part of it is my personality, but I cannot be the only person who goes a little bit crazy when I never get just five uninterrupted minutes to do a task.


  1. First world problem, I know.
  2. I could never lay Kieran down – he was in arms or nothing – so I am thankful that Ailia gives me a little bit of down time.

23 Responses to:
"And This Is Why I Feel Crazy – Can You Relate?"

  1. Destany

    Particularly, one that requires more than 50% concentration. It’s why I get up at 6am to get an hour to myself to do all of the hard thinking tasks and get them out of the way. From 9:00 onward, I am only devoting 50% mental energy to anything I do (60% if I ate a good breakfast) and the rest of my mental capacity is eaten up by: listening to the kids play and constantly monitoring; answering the onslaught of questions put to me by the five other people who live here that are apparently only ever functioning at 30% or less; figuring out dinner; guessing how many clean socks are buried in the laundry pile and if I need to wash more; posting on Facebook; working on projects; wishing my house was cleaner; cleaning a little before finding something better to do; just trying not to lose patience when I’m answering a question for the fourth bleeping time!

    Of course, it goes on and on, I’m sure I don’t have to tell you. :)

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      There was a point where I could get up early – while I was pregnant and Kieran had started sleeping more heavily. Not so anymore, but I know there is hope!

  2. Eva

    I feel for you! I tried getting up an hour early… but the kids just got up an hour earlier, too. So I tried two hours early… and somehow they knew about it and got up as well. *sigh*

    Ah well… someday soon the house will be quiet and I’ll looking for more things to do so I’m not so bored! ;)

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      Eva the same thing happens here. It doesn’t matter when I get up, the littles soon follow (or with a baby, I often can’t make it out of bed). It gets better, I’m sure!

  3. Momma Jorje   mommajorje

    Preaching to the choir, woman! You are NOT alone in this at all! I think the days it piles up on me the worst is when everyone in the house wants too many things from me at the same time. Eventually I have to just GROWL (loudly)! I think it serves as my warning to at least the more self-sufficient people in the household that they need to STOP asking me for crap they can do themselves and maybe, Oh, I don’t know, consider pitching in with the little ones?!

    Whew! Breathe… yeah, it happens to me, too.

    Meanwhile, I have some writing projects I started when pregnant on which I can NOT seem to make any headway. Sigh.

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      Reading through that list yesterday, I saw so many things that Kieran CAN do himself, but he does NOT do when he’s stuck in a rut. It’s frustrating for sure. (And believe me – I’m growling internally!)

  4. Momma Jorje   mommajorje

    Love the Butterfly Girl pic, btw!

  5. Tammy

    Add this to your list today: Made sister in Quito smile with adorable Butterfly Girl picture.

  6. Charise@I Thought I Knew Mama   ithoughtiknewma

    This sounds like my life – and baby #2 isn’t even here yet! :-)It’s nice to know that we’re not alone!

  7. I’ve been a bit ecstatic because the baby is much happier sleeping in the bed by himself in the camper, seemingly because he can hear us out here, and I’ve been staying up far too late at night to have some kid free time. :D

  8. teresa   momgrooves

    I had seen that first one of facebook. And I laughed! I feel ya.
    A big comfort for me when I wonder if I’m sad about not having a second child, it the fact that I’m just now, after nearly 5 years, getting those respites.
    I never took time away and if you’re not already making it happen, I’d say to put it at the top of your list. Even an hour… out of the house where no one can need you. Might keep you sane and keep you from turning into grumpy mommy.
    You really described the whole thing very well here!

  9. LOL! Yes, I can totally relate. One of the things I still have the hardest time getting used to about motherhood is NEVER being able to complete a task uninterrupted. That includes eating, sleeping, and using the toilet!!!

  10. Yes, absolutely. One day when my son was a newborn my husband came home from work and found a mug by the kettle with a teabag in it. That was as close as I had come to making a cup of tea and sitting down to relax for a moment, all day.

  11. Kelli

    I never post comments. But today I had to. You’re an online personality, so youll likely think I’m a weirdo when I Say this, but I swear your posts directly mirror my life most times. I’m looking for birthing videos to educate my toddler? You write about it. My milk dries up while I’m pregnant with my second and my heart breaks? You write about it. I need a list of toddler snack ideas??? You get the idea. But this one prompted me to write bc I was literally JUST saying this very thing yesterday. I guess that’s not so weird–us mothers probably say it a lot. But seeing as how u and I had unintentional unassisted births of our second child within two weeks of each other, I choose to find the serendipity in it. I’m just sayin’. Ok. Internet weirdo out.

  12. Nicole Robinson   TheBookWormMama

    I can totally relate. When my daughter was one month old she would never let me put her down. I remember thinking, am I destined to one-hand typing my emails forever?

    These days I sneak in an hour of alone time at 4 in the morning. That’s only if baby girl doesn’t wake up.

  13. Amber   AmberStrocel

    This is why I stay up too late at night – it’s the only quiet time some days.

    I like to tell myself I’ll miss this when it’s over. It’s probably true, and it somehow makes me feel better.

  14. Lauren @ Hobo Mama   Hobo_Mama

    Ha ha, well — at least we know we’re not alone, right? The answering questions things killed me, because, seriously, how many questions can a four-year-old find in a single day? And, yes, I know that was a question, too. I’m currently fending off 15 questions to type this comment. ;)

  15. Rachel Heath   freshbabyfood

    Seriously! It often takes me 15 minutes to write a two-sentence email because my 16-month old will bring me a book, listen to the first two pages, wander off, bring me another book, listen to the first two pages, wander off… well, you get the idea. I get to do my work during the “wander off” bits and sometimes find that passages from The Very Hungry Caterpillar have snuck into my email.

  16. Amy Willa   Amy_willa

    Oh, Dionna, I totally relate! Things really only happen for me during nap time or while the kids are in bed at night. Sometimes I can get a little work done when the kids are immersed in a snack or a game together, but then I feel guilty that I’m not in on their little “world” that they create. . . ah, the interesting days of a full-time parent and work-at-home-parent!

  17. Cady

    This has me in stitches. It’s so true of every mother I know (and some fathers, too). Add to that the lack of sleep that comes with parenting small children and it’s a wonder there isn’t more evidence of our collective crazy in this world!!!

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