Weaning Video Series #2: Support During the Weaning Process

May 27th, 2012 by Dionna | 2 Comments
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If you have not had a chance to check out some of the posts from the Carnival of Weaning, you can see a full list at my Carnival post: Weaning Video Series #1: Preparation for the Weaning Process. You can read about a few of my favorite Carnival posts underneath today’s video.

Today I’d like to share with you the second video in a series that we created to talk about weaning. Many women have shared with me that they did not feel like they could talk to anyone about their emotions and anxiety due to the weaning process. In other words, they wish they’d had more support. In this video, several of my breastfeeding friends talk about support they had (or wish they had) while weaning.1

One of the most important things I have taken from this Carnival and this video series is that we are not alone – every breastfeeding mother experiences a loss and accompanying emotions after their nursling has weaned (and/or anxiety before and during the weaning process). Reach out to someone to talk about weaning. Working through your emotions can do so much to make you feel at peace with the end of your breastfeeding journey.

And if you do not feel like you have anyone to talk to, you can email me: Dionna {at} CodeNameMama {at} gmail {dot} com. I am always here to listen and commiserate.

Here were a few of my favorite post from the Carnival of Weaning:

Kym at Our Crazy Corner of the World shared her story of how she thought about weaning several times, yet it still happened on its own timeline. I love the way she wrote her post – I’m sure there have been moments that every one of us have thought about weaning.

Amy from Presence Parenting (guest posting at Dulce de Leche) shared her experience and approach of embracing weaning as a continual process in parenting, not just breastfeeding. Amy’s wise words about weaning as a “ripening” and as love changing forms really hit home for me.

With two self-weaning children, Jennifer at Our Muddy Boots does not know when the end will come, but that it will be natural and without regrets. I appreciated Jennifer’s thoughts about not purposefully marking weaning – as much of a milestone as it is, I feel like making it a big deal might make it even harder for me and Kieran.

What was your favorite post from the Carnival of Weaning?

  1. Thank you to the wise and wonderful mamas who contributed to these videos. They are:

    Amber of Strocel.com
    Amy of Me, Mothering, and Making It All Work
    Gretchen of That Mama Gretchen
    Kat of Loving {Almost} Every Moment
    Kym of Our Crazy Corner of the World
    Lauren of Hobo Mama
    Shannon of The Artful Mama

2 Responses to:
"Weaning Video Series #2: Support During the Weaning Process"

  1. Amber   AmberStrocel

    Hey, look, it’s me!

    Thanks so much for putting this together – I think it’s a really fabulous resource.

  2. Abigail

    Call me selfish, but I will not have any negative emotions about weaning. I was “done” nursing around 1 year with my first, but he nursed until about 3-1/2. My 18-month-old is showing no signs of slowing or stopping… but I can’t wait. I do this for them, definitely not for me, and when they are done, I’ll throw a party, not cry about my loss! My body will be my own again–woo hoo!! I know I’m different from most mamas; this is just my feeling about it!

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