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June 30th, 2012 by Dionna | 18 Comments
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This is a giveaway of a full scholarship to Hand in Hand Parenting’s No More Hitting! course. One reader will win this course valued at $79! Please find the section marked “Win it!” for the mandatory entry and optional bonus entries.

About Hand in Hand Parenting

“Children need a sense of connection. . . . It’s as vital to them as breathing air and eating food.” Such wise words from Patty Wipfler in the introductory video to her course No More Hitting.

Patty is the founder, director, and one of the trainers for Hand in Hand Parenting, and she is building a growing team of instructors and consultants who focus on helping parents nurture deep connections with their children.

Her approach, based on over 35 years of work and research, emphasizes connection and respect between parents and children (and parents as partners). One of the most intriguing concepts for me is called “staylistening.” In staylistening, “The adult stays close to a child who is shedding emotions through crying, tantrums or raging. The adult listens and allows the child to express the feelings of hurt that have skewed his judgment. When the child is finished, he can feel the caring the adult has offered, and he can relax, learn, and play well again.”

There is a perfect example of staylistening on Hand in Hand Parenting’s blog in a post entitled “Daddy can care for you too!” The author, Michelle, is the mother and go-to parent of a preschooler. She and her husband decided that they needed their daughter to allow the father to help her with everyday wants and needs. To help their daughter process the change, they practiced staylistening. Here is an excerpt:

We were taking a “leap of faith” in listening to her tears all the way through. . . .I sat on the floor right in front of her and held her hands. I told her I was right by her, that I wasn’t leaving and that Daddy could take care of her. . . . We knew she did know this on some level, since he has taken care of her since she was a baby and they often spend hours together going fun places or just hanging out at home. Her dad repeated that he loved her and would take care of her.

We listened to her cry for me all the while gently reassuring her and staying close. Her crying slowed until she lay trembling in daddy’s arms. In a slow and gentle voice I listed all the things Daddy did to care for her, from playing to feeding to helping with pottying. I told her when she was ready she could look in our eyes and see that everything was OK, and that we loved her. She looked in my eyes first (oh, those sweet brown eyes!) and then bashfully started peeking at Daddy’s eyes. I began to well up with tears watching them reconnect with each other through simple eye contact. She smiled and it felt the cloud had lifted.

You can read more about separation anxiety in an article by Patty entitled Separation Anxiety Recovery.

About No More Hitting!

Now, in No More Hitting, Patty not only helps parents understand where childhood aggression come from, but she also helps parents learn how to work with their children to end aggressive behavior. My friend and Natural Parents Network volunteer Jennifer from True Confessions of a Real Mommy has been working through the No More Hitting materials. Here are Jennifer’s impressions about the course:

No More Hitting is a great class. The information contained is easy to understand, make sense, and put together in such a way that you feel encouraged to grow rather than making you feel guilty for how things had gone up until now. The skills are slowly introduced to build your confidence in dealing with your hitting child, as well as with your reactions to all of your child’s behaviors. When I started using these skills, connection became the foremost in my mind when my child raised a hand to someone again, instead of my usual fear, anger, and embarrassment.

The videos are great, and broken into short enough times that I could watch one here or there while nursing, or a few in the evening. The booklets cover much more than hitting behaviors, but a wide range of ideas for dealing with not just your child’s emotions, but your own! The very basis of gentle parenting is about dealing with your own baggage so you don’t put it on your children, and the booklets do a wonderful job of discussing how to set up Listening Partnerships and be and effective listener and partner.

The only challenges I found with the course was the web layout. I found it somewhat difficult to navigate the Modules and found myself wishing that it could all just be in order, rather than collected by media style. I also couldn’t find a list of the assignments, as they were described in the videos.

If you’d like to read about Patty’s approach to childhood aggression before signing up for her course, here are a few articles to get you started:

3 Tools to Stop the Hitting

Thank You for Stopping the Hitting

What to Do When Your Toddler Bites

Biting, Pushing, Pulling Hair—Helping Children with Aggression


You can sign up for full access to the No More Hitting course at the link. The full price for the course is $79, but Patty is offering 10 Code Name: Mama readers the course at HALF PRICE. The first 10 readers to email me and let me know that they’d like to take the course can get the special discount – but please, do not email unless you intend to use the unique code, because I only have ten. Email me at Dionna {at} CodeNameMama {dot} com.


For your own chance to win a full scholarship to the No More Hitting course, enter by leaving a comment and using our Rafflecopter system below.

One winner will receive a full scholarship to the No More Hitting course. Contest is open worldwide.

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18 Responses to:
"Giveaway: No More Hitting course – $79 ARV CLOSED"

  1. Julian

    I would love this. My son is very aggressive towards other children when upset. When we nip one behavior: hitting. He starts another: pushing. I would love more ideas on how to help him calm himself first & use the words I KNOW he has to solve situations peacefully.

  2. Kerri   giggly_kerri

    My nearly 5 year old is a hitter. I’m trying to teach him to hit pillows if he must hit, but he hits the door a lot. His temper scares me sometimes, I’m afraid he’ll hurt himself.

  3. C

    We could use no more hitting with a 4 yr old, 2 yr old and 1 month old!

  4. Amy Phoenix   presenceparents

    As a momma of five and someone who works with parents I am always looking for resources to encourage connection, delve deeper into the moment with children during times of heightened emotion, and learn from others who feel similarly about respecting our young. I would like this course for those reasons, and many more. :)

  5. Erynne M.

    Our three-year-old is very high energy and highly spirited. Unfortunately, this means he has his own opinions about how things should be, and he is more than willing to stand up to us with an angry face and a pointing finger when we tell him not to do something. I was raised in a family where spankings were the norm, and while I try not to spank my son, I do find that I automatically turn to slapping/smacking when I get angry. I’ve worked hard to try to overcome this, but I still fall into the trap frequently. I’d desperately love any help I can get, because some days it feels like my ‘training’ from childhood is completely overwhelming my common sense and my love for my son.

  6. Laura

    I have 5 kids, ages 13 down to 18 months. My two youngest (4 and 18 months) are a couple of super intense little kids. It’s so hard to keep my cool and keep them both safe when they go at each other. My youngest is my first biter, and also hits, kicks and scratches.My 4 yo is super sensitive, and just doesn’t know what to make of this. She wants to connect with Mama. :-(

  7. I’d like my 3 year old boy to stop hitting and pushing people. He does it often when he gets too excited playing with his cousins and also when we tell him no at the things he wanted.

  8. I’d like my 3 year old boy to stop hitting and pushing people. He does it often when he gets too excited playing with his cousins and also when we tell him no at the things he wanted.

  9. Tobi Carlson   TobiCarlson

    This is something the kids on our street SO need right now. The for the most part have played well together, but lately the bad behaviour has been escalating, and is starting to get much more physical, and not in a healthy way. We parents need to band together and create some tools for the boys to deal with their frustrations and aggression in a better way!

  10. Riti

    I have a four year old and a 1 year old. I’ve been reading all the resources on Hand in Hand parenting and would love to take the course to help my confidence in the techniques (i.e. special time, staylistening). I’m so excited to have found Hand in Hand and hope that I can find more resources to have a fuller understanding. Thanks!!

  11. Amy G   mamagatzemeyer

    My LO is a little young to start hitting, but I feel that it’s always best to be ahead of the game. I want to know how to deal with these situations before they happen.

  12. Tara

    I want Patty’s course to become a better parent. I have a 3 yr old son with a lot of aggression- especially towards his 1yr old brother. I plan on signing up for this course after the 12th, even if I don’t win, because I feel a sense of urgency. I’m afraid my older son may seriously hurt my younger son. Winning would help however, since I’m a stay at home mom in a 1 income household. I need this knowledge ASAP!

  13. Heather Burris   crafteegirl

    We figured out early on that hitting (spanking) wasn’t a good fit for us, but our son is a hitter. I’d love to learn more ways to deal with it besides just removing myself from the situation until I’ve cooled down enough to be patient with him. Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Rebecca

    I would love to have the No hit program because my daughter deserves better. But both her father and I come from hitting families, so the cycle is difficult to break. When we get mad at her often we can fight the first instinct to hit but not always. Everyone around us spanks their kids. And we want btter for her but we don’t know how to change.

  15. jani   janice_lys

    I’m against spanking! But my girl has been scratching me and pulling my hair like crazy. I did smack her a few times. please teach me how!

  16. Jessica

    I want to have a violence-free home.

  17. Michelle

    I’d like to take this course because my son has recently begun hitting and I want to help him now, before it gets worse.

  18. Beth Santoro

    What a great resource! My one year old has just started hitting her dad, and I’d love some tools to help us through it.

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