Ailia Blowing Raspberries

July 6th, 2012 by Dionna | 1 Comment
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In case you haven’t read enough about spitting here lately,1 here is more on the subject in video format.

(Also, spitting is much cuter coming from a baby. Nuff said.)

Ailia approves this message.

One Response to:
"Ailia Blowing Raspberries"

  1. Vidya Sury   vidyasury

    That is a gorgeous start to my day. I logged in to find your email update and rushed over. She’s so adorable. I went right back to my own 14-year old’s baby-times. I once recorded 25 minutes of growling-type sounds before he went to sleep. 25 because the tape ran out :D

    Loved the “related video” of Ailia’s ticklish giggles. Ohhh…babies!!!

    Thanks so much, Dionna!

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