Figuring Out Infant Food Allergies – A Guest Post at Hybrid Rasta Mama

August 24th, 2012 by Dionna | Comments Off on Figuring Out Infant Food Allergies – A Guest Post at Hybrid Rasta Mama
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Ailia trying her first sweet potato


{Snipped from a guest post today at Hybrid Rasta Mama}

Today I watched several “old” videos of Ailia (old being in quotes because she’s only six months old as I write this). I remember those first three months of her life being so worn out, so baffled, because she was constantly “sick.”

True, she was born at the end of November, and there were a lot of cold/flu germs floating around. But it seemed like she couldn’t kick it. Constant snot, congestion, coughing, difficulty breathing. And the screaming every night. Oh, the screaming.

I was literally depressed because my baby could not seem to get healthy.

A couple of friends with food allergies asked if I’d tried cutting any allergens out, but I hesitated.

Read the rest of Ailia’s story in my guest post at Hybrid Rasta Mama. I’ll give you a hint, though – Ailia is 9 months old today, and she is in perfect health, so I must have figured something out!

Hybrid Rasta Mama: A reggae loving mama’s thoughts on  Conscious Parenting, Natural Living, Holistic Health and General Mindfulness

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