Circumcision: A Poem

August 26th, 2012 by Dionna | 2 Comments
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Tonight while several of the Natural Parents Network volunteers discussed the AAP’s abhorrent policy change on circumcision, Amanda of Let’s Take the Metro spouted off the following little ditty.1 I liked it so much, I wanted to share it with you all gussied up.

If you are a parent or a parent-to-be, please educate yourself about the benefits of leaving your son intact.2 Your son was born that way for a reason.

And to everyone who believes in keeping our sons intact, let’s continue spreading the message: whole children are healthy children.

  1. As of the time I published, the only links I can share are this from Medpage Today, Reuters and a response published at peaceful parenting. Amanda said: cut your hair, cut a tooth, cut your bush, cut him loose, but don’t cut a boy’s penis. Image background courtesy of jaylopez.
  2. You can start by reading Researching Circumcision: Common Concerns

2 Responses to:
"Circumcision: A Poem"

  1. Amanda   thecheeselife

    Thanks for the links! We’re waiting until our baby’s birth to find out the sex, so we need to figure out where we stand on this issue. I am leaning more towards intact penis! But I think my husband needs some convincing…

  2. Abhorrent indeed. I just finished writing a lengthy post on my blog summarizing my research on circumcision and briefly responding to the new AAP statement (which of course cannot really be construed as medical advice when it includes sections on financing the procedure by third party payers!)

    You can read it here:

    Thanks for all you do!


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