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September 7th, 2012 by Dionna | 2 Comments
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Until I was pregnant with Ailia, I’d never had a regular yoga practice. But I was determined to have a healthy pregnancy, so I made an effort to begin each day with at least a few poses. Daily yoga helped me feel relaxed and fit, and it surely contributed to my very healthy weight gain. And while I tested in the borderline range for gestational diabetes with Kieran, my numbers on all of my blood tests with Ailia were simply ideal. My midwife remarked once that I was one of her healthiest pregnancies ever. (Take that, advanced maternal age!)

Once Ailia was born, I’ve not had a regular opportunity to do yoga. It seems like every time I try, it’s time to nurse the baby, help the preschooler with a craft project, or start a load of diapers. So I was super pleased when Lisa Ash, yoga instructor at Studio on Main in Independence, Missouri, contacted me to try out a Mommy and Me Yoga class.

I took both kiddos to class with me. Kieran came as my junior yogi/amateur photographer (he took the pictures of me you see in this post). Ailia came as my yoga partner.

The Studio on Main is gorgeous – beautiful brick on the outside; rich wood, more charming brick, and natural light grace the inside.

Our class was small and full of friendly faces. The two preschoolers present participated sometimes, but other times they both felt free to wander and watch. Lisa was attentive and encouraging of both preschoolers without being patronizing. The two babies present spent much more time watching or crawling around over and under people than doing yoga, but it seems that is all part of Lisa’s grand scheme.

“We are very low-key. The only expectation is that you come and spend some time with your little one. This class is for moms who like yoga but don’t want to or cannot leave their baby with a sitter. We want every mom to feel like her baby is part of a partnership, not a distraction.

I’ll admit – it was difficult to feel like Ailia was my yoga partner, if only because my super crawler was much more interested in exploring the room and the other attendees than she was in staying near me. She was particularly fascinated by the other baby in class, especially because he didn’t seem to mind when she gnawed on his toy.

Thankfully, Lisa was an expert at making me feel relaxed regardless of what Ailia was doing. And on the few occasions when Ailia did lift her little arms to get up and join in a pose, it truly was a special connection.

It was sweet to see the babies interact, and Lisa shared that she likes to watch the kids as they progress through a few yoga sessions. She said that the kids observe and learn from each other as well as from her.

Lisa’s goal with Mommy and Me Yoga is to give moms tools to help their bodies and minds feel healthier and more relaxed. She understands that as moms, we sometimes ignore our own needs, and we tend to carry our stress in our muscles. Regular yoga practice can help us find inner peace and a more relaxed, fit body.

The Mommy and Me Yoga classes at Studio on Main are an incredible deal. You can sign up for a 6 week session for only $30 per family (up to 2 children and one parent, each additional child is $5 more per session). Only $5 each week makes this a steal! The classes are an hour each and are designed for babies and littles up to 4 years old. Right now, Lisa is offering classes on Monday and Wednesday mornings from 9-10:00a.m.

You can also ask Lisa about doing an affordable yoga party for your child for birthdays or other special events.

Have you ever done a yoga class with your little? What was your favorite pose?


More info on Lisa Ash:

Lisa teaches Vinyasa Flow and Ashtanga Yoga for adults in the Kansas City Area, as well as numerous kid’s yoga classes. She most recently completed a teacher training course in Urban Flow Yoga with San Francisco’s Rusty Wells. She has studied extensively with Kathleen Kastner-Mortenson of Kansas City’s Maya Yoga and Christy Brunette of Phoenix’s Southwest Institute for the Healing Arts. Her background includes university degrees in both Elementary Education and Religious Studies. Lisa’s classes are creative, energetic, challenging and deeply engaging.

More info on Studio on Main:

At Studio on Main, we believe exercise should be something you look forward to, that engages you, and leaves you refreshed and alert with a feeling of physical and mental well-being. Each of our studios is designed to provide an enjoyable and challenging workout for individuals at every fitness level. Whether you are a competitive athlete, busy executive, or just getting started, our certified instructors will help you design a fitness program that meets your needs and budget.

Disclosure: I was offered a free six week session in
exchange for writing about the Mommy and Me classes.
I try to seek out only products I think you would find
relevant and useful to your life as a natural parent.
If I don’t like a product, I won’t be recommending it to you.

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"Mommy & Me Yoga"

  1. Crunchy Con Mommy   crunchyconmom

    I’ve known Lisa for a long time and if I were in the KC area I’d definitely take yoga with her. She manages to have such a cheerful yet calm attitude all the time-I always feel happier after spending time with her! Anyway, I love the idea of a mommy and me yoga class but have never tried one. I don’t think there are any near me, unfortunately!

  2. I love it! Josias and I have been practicing yoga at home since he was born, but yesterday we attended our first “family yoga” class. Unfortunately, it did not go well. The instructor seemed pretty keen on getting Josias, age 2.5 and the other child, age 3 to do the poses. They weren’t really in the mood. I’m not giving up though, we’ll try with a different teacher. It sounds like Lisa is great!

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