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September 10th, 2012 by Dionna | 1 Comment
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As the holiday season approaches, I cannot help but start to drool over beautiful toys made from wood and other natural materials. I love that there has been a resurgence in quality, open-ended play toys made with natural materials. We tried to stick with those types of toys for Kieran for years, until the Disney-sponsored plastic crap started trickling in.

We are determined to redouble our efforts with Ailia.

Hint to grandparents: Please. No Disney princesses.

At any rate, one of my amazing sponsors is a purveyor of such fine playthings for children. Nest is an online store modeled after the toy shoppes of Germany. Their hand-picked products are eco-friendly, sustainably sourced, heirloom-quality wooden toys; they also sell “beautiful and practical things for the home.”

To introduce you to Nest, and to help furnish my imaginary dream playroom, I’ve put together a list of ten toys that children would be thrilled to receive this holiday season. I’m trying to hit a variety of ages and stages, but be sure to explore the appropriate categories on the Nest website so you can see more of what they offer.

10 Beautiful Toys from Nest to Check Out for the Holidays

    1. Cherry and Maple Rattles: For your new little bundle, it won’t be long before she will want something in hand to rattle and teethe on. These rattles are “handcrafted and baby smooth to the touch [and] are finished with certified organic foodgrade hempseed oil.”

  • Wooden Bells: I’m not sure where I would have hung this for Ailia to play with, but I know she would have loved it. The bright colors, the gentle sound of wooden bells, and the smooth wooden teether – what a perfect gift for baby!


  • Rainbow Stacker: I always wanted one of these colorful rainbow stackers when Kieran was a toddler. Aren’t these beautiful? Little hands can stack or use the individual bands as tunnels, seesaws, small houses . . . anything they can imagine!


  • Wizard Doll: I love the selection of dolls that Nest offers – from teeny tiny to felt to Waldorf, there is something for every child’s arms to cuddle and love.


  • Unicorn Costume: What preschooler wouldn’t love to step into this fun silk unicorn costume?! Nest also carries a dragon costume that is equally adorable.


  • Harvest Time: In our house, the games that induce the least amount of tears or frustration are always cooperative games. In Harvest Time, “players must work together to bring in the harvest before winter arrives.” Designed for ages 3-7.


  • Handheld Rhythm Marble Track: 6 to 10-year-old children are “encouraged to focus and feel the rhythm of the movement of the marble in the wooden tracks. Balls circulate between upper and lower tracks, round and round they go. By cleverly moving the track, the player can keep one or more balls in steady circulation. It is further possible to vary the speed of the balls individually for more complex play.”


  • 3-D Tangram: Create designs of your own or match those in the accompanying booklet with these beautiful geometric blocks.


  • Lark’s Knot Beading Kit: Children will enjoy these Czech glass beads, natural and coloured hemp twine, and instructions and diagrams they can use to make one necklace. Only $3.50 for the kit!


  • Diabolo Athena: Diabolo is “a game played with a sort of top in the shape of two cones joined at their apices, which is spun, thrown, and caught by means of a cord strung to two sticks.”1 Your pre-teen or teen will spend hours honing their skills.


While I focused on toys in this list, Nest sells much more than toys. Check out their clothing – like this Tinkerbell shrugfor only $11.50; their decor – like this Gnome Forest Growth Chart; their arts and crafts – like this set of Stockmar Watercolour Paints; and more.

What is your favorite Nest product?

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"Meet the Sponsor: Nest"

  1. Violetsouffle

    Can I just say how much I love the name ‘nest’? It’s such a sweet word& evokes snugly, homey images. I’ve never heard of this particular company but they have some really awesome stuff. I love the wooden rainbows! I’m always looking for more color to add to a room. That would be a splendid touch to a nature table.

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