Giveaway: $30 Gift Certificate from Dominna – $30 ARV CLOSED

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This is a joint giveaway between Natural Parents Network and many other natural parenting sites. You may enter for all of the giveaways at one site only. Please find the section marked “Win it!” for the mandatory entry and optional bonus entries.

Welcome to the Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide!

This giveaway is part of the Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide. Natural Parents Network, Code Name: Mama, and 24 other natural parenting bloggers are giving away 89 items perfect for gifting for the holidays as part of the Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide. The combined total value of all of the items is $2,550.

Have you finished your holiday shopping? The NPN Holiday Gift Guide is a great opportunity to complete your gift-giving purchases for family and friends, while supporting many naturally-minded small businesses. The companies who have provided items for giveaway are almost exclusively made up of small and/or work at home families.

The Rafflecopter entry system will be live on this post (and at every post/site taking part in the Gift Guide) on Thursday, November 1, 2012. Until then, please visit some of the other review posts and read about the fabulous companies offering giveaways in the Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide. Scroll to the bottom to see a full list of reviews and when they will be published.

Please continue reading to learn more about Dominna, which is offering our readers a giveaway of a $30 gift certificate.

About Dominna

Katrina Dzerkale, owner of Dominna, lives in Riga, Latvia. Her journey as a small business owner began when the Soviet Union collapsed. She and her husband found themselves with two small children in an environment that did not foster childhood development. And because their country had long been struggling, educational and developmental toys were not a top national priority.

Katrina and her husband found a book about the development of children by Russian writer Nikitin. She says “it was like finding a window to a whole new universe.” Because sources of information were tightly controlled during the time of the Soviet Union, it had been impossible to gain that kind of knowledge freely.

Katrina and her husband knew right away – they had to share their new found knowledge with other Latvians.

They quit their jobs as doctors and started to look for craftspeople who could make quality educational toys. They continued to read everything they could get their hands on about childhood development. Their children served as toy testers. Their daughter also started to attend a Waldorf school, and they were able to learn even more about the inner world of children. Their toys are influenced by Waldorf, Montessori, and more.

Katrina is proud of their family business, and she believes that her growth as a mother has been reflected in the growth of their shop.

Each of their toys is handcrafted by a real person. They have chosen to retain the handmade quality of their toys, even though it would be cheaper and more profitable to move to automatic manufacturing and wholesale. It is too important to them, however, to keep the human touch added to each handmade toy.

From time to time, the artists that create Dominna toys bring in something so beautiful, Katrina says, that her “heart just attaches to it.” She loves wrapping a toy up she’s fallen in love with and knowing that somewhere a child will open it in awe.

Some of her favorite toys sold by Dominna are custom rattles. They include the newborn’s name and birth data (place, weight, time, length). The artist finds a way to make each order as personal as possible so that parents feel their child is celebrated.

I’ve shared photos of only a few of the beautiful toys you can find at Dominna. Take a few moments to explore the rest of Katrina’s shop – you’ll find puppets, puzzles, blocks, beads, and more.

About the Ladybug Wooden Toy

The ladybug wooden toy is designed to appeal to a range of ages. Older infants and toddlers will love to hold and stack the ladybugs. Toddlers and young preschoolers will enjoy using the ladybugs for counting, sorting, and imaginative play. And when children are more dextrous, they can use the ladybugs as tracing tools.

The mutilayered box has sweet leaf cutouts where each of the wooden ladybugs can land. Each ladybug fits into a specific leaf. There are five ladybugs, and each one has a different amount of dots (the smallest has one dot, the largest has five). The pieces are just the right size and thickness for little fingers to manipulate and explore.

The ladybug toy is designed to develop fine motor skills, estimation and counting skills, and more. Use the set to create stories about ladybug friends (maybe they can go on a ladybug picnic!).

As with all of her toys, Katrina guarantees that these beautifully and brightly painted ladybugs are non-toxic and lead-free, which is especially important when you have a baby who likes to chew on everything like Ailia does!


You can purchase your own ladybug wooden toy or many other handmade toys from Dominna. Toys start at only $8.00, plus applicable shipping fees. (And remember when ordering that your toys are coming from Latvia, so give them a few extra days to arrive.)


For your own chance to win a $30 gift certificate from Dominna, enter by leaving a comment and using our Rafflecopter system below. (Rafflecopter will be live November 1-25).

The winner will receive a $30 gift certificate to Dominna, but winner is responsible for shipping if your total exceeds $30. Contest is open WORLDWIDE.

Our Rafflecopter entry system is now open.

MANDATORY ENTRY: In the box provided in the first Rafflecopter entry, tell us where you would have your prize shipped if you are one of the winners. You must enter your name and email address while leaving a comment in the Rafflecopter system for your entry to count.

Leave a valid email address so we can contact you if you win. Email addresses in Rafflecopter are not made publicly visible. Please leave the same valid email address in your mandatory comment so we can verify entries.

This is part of a larger giveaway hosted by Natural Parents Network. You may enter the whole giveaway at one site only, and we’ll be recording IP addresses to ensure that there are no duplicate entries. That said, please do visit and enjoy all of the participating sites!

Please note that each entrant can win only one prize, and NPN will be randomly assigning prizes to the winners. One of the giveaway questions asks which are your top five prizes so we can try to match winners to their preferences.

See the Rafflecopter entry system for bonus entries to increase your chance of winning after completing the mandatory entry. All bonus entries are entered directly into Rafflecopter. Give it a try, and email sponsorship {at} or leave a comment if you have any questions!

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