Giveaway: 12×16 Custom Portrait from Destany Fenton Fine Art – $220 ARV CLOSED

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Please continue reading to learn more about Destany Fenton Fine Art, which is offering our readers a giveaway of a 12×16 portrait ($220 ARV – specific details below).

About Destany Fenton Fine Art

Destany Fenton was five years old when she decided to become a professional artist when she grew up. And then she became a mother, and her focus shifted. In the past several years, she’s spent time learning to be a better mother and a better artist.

She has grown as each – and discovered that each is dependent and reliant on the other.

And because Destany is a mama – and a natural-minded mama at that – she is the perfect artist to paint portraits for your family. Destany understands and can relate to attached/natural parents. This allows her to convey this specific aspect that might otherwise be ignored or glossed over by other artists.

Destany’s work is not commercial. Her portraits are one of a kind paintings; they are not manufactured, mass-produced reproductions. She stretches her own canvases, gessos them, create her own drawings, and paints them by hand.

Destany’s portraits are perfect for natural-minded families, too. Nearly all of the materials she uses are all natural: linseed oil, natural pigments, flax oil. Her paints also conform to ASTM D-4236, which means that they are non-toxic and will not harm Destany or her family members – nor will they harm those who work in the plants to produce them.

These creations are designed to be something that she knows the recipient will treasure. She does not simply make room accents or decorations for walls, she creates family heirlooms. To many of her customers, her work is priceless because it is so personal. She considers it a great honor to be able to give someone another image of a loved one who has passed away, or to take a moment or a feeling caught in time and produce something that will last for many generations.

You may ask, why would you pay someone to create a portrait when you own a camera? I’ll admit – I asked Destany to explain it to me. She directed me to her article on Portraiture is Not a Dead Art:

The human mind and eye can still trump the computer[] and its brilliant software when it comes to making decisions on what is aesthetically pleasing, or what is the most impactful composition or arrangement of an image. A computer can auto correct contrast and color values in a photo, but it hasn’t the training or understanding to determine the best color scheme, path, or light/shadow pattern in the first place. It can only bring the image as close as it can to a predetermined set of “ideals” that will improve most images to some degree. It cannot use its years of experience and art education to provide the best composition; the best placement of shadow and light for maximum effect; and it CANNOT supply the thing that is lost in nearly every home or studio snapped photo – emotion.

About Life Through a Prisma Colored Lens

What else can’t a computer do as well as an artist? Render a picture in such beautiful, authentic colors. Destany’s new series, Life Through a Prisma Colored Lens, “features a higher intensity color and contrast than [she] typically work[s] with. The prismatic color effects on the subjects are quite intentional.”

Destany came up with the concept for this series while she watched her daughter swinging. Her daughter was squealing and screaming with joy, unsaddled by adult worries. Destany remembered the feeling, and she wanted to capture that moment of sheer pleasure on canvas. Before she painted this particular portrait, she had forgotten what it feels like to know that she can soar. This painting brought that back to her and emboldened her in ways that she had only felt in a few specific instances of motherhood – like breastfeeding or successfully administering the Heimlich to a choking 3 year old.

In Life Through a Prisma Colored, Destany hopes “to capture the way that children are oblivious to the cynicism our culture tries to bestow onto them, by seeing everything with purity of heart, through their prisma colored lenses.”

About the Portrait Process

It has been so exciting to be a part of Destany’s painting process. She introduced the idea and the Life Through a Prisma Lens series to me, and we chatted about what might look good in a portrait of Kieran and Ailia. I gave Destany about 10 pictures of Kieran and Ailia – both close-ups of them (so she’d have good models) and pictures of them together (so she could get a feel for their relationship).

Once we’d picked a good pose for the picture, Destany stayed in touch with me about specific elements of the picture. For example, in the picture she modeled this portrait on, Kieran and Ailia are dirty. Destany wanted to know whether or not I wanted dirt in the portrait. (For the record, I don’t mind the dirt – and Destany was definitely all for it.)

Destany asked me a few questions, too. She writes a blog post to accompany each of her portraits (like this one), and she wanted to share a few details about our family.

When you commission Destany to create a portrait, she will take the time necessary to find out what you’re looking for, what elements of a portrait are important to you. Destany’s portrait prices are amazing – and once you have come to an understanding of what you want in a portrait, Destany will let you know up front how much it will cost. Destany will ask you for a deposit to help her purchase the necessary supplies, and once she has drawn an initial composition, she will show it to you so that you can suggest alterations or approve it.

Destany also gives you one last chance to suggest any changes after she has finished the painting. In our painting, we chatted and decided that she was going to alter the tone of Kieran’s skin a bit.

I adore our finished painting. The colors are vibrant and joyful, and I completely agree that Destany’s painting did more to catch the emotion of Kieran and Ailia than the photograph she modeled this after (you can see the photograph to the right). She particularly wanted to convey the loving way that Kieran interacts with Ailia, and I can see that in his face in the portrait.

Destany’s prices start at only $60 for a 5×7 portrait. Her prices vary depending on size, number of subjects, and complexity of background.

The bottom line for me is that Destany’s work is beautiful and real. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an heirloom quality gift for themselves or a loved one.


You can purchase your own original portrait from Destany Fenton Fine Art. Portraits start at only $60, plus applicable shipping fees.


For your own chance to win a 12×16 original portrait by Destany Fenton, enter by leaving a comment and using our Rafflecopter system below. (Rafflecopter will be live November 1-25). Winner can choose a traditional or prismatic portrait.

The winner will receive a a 12×16 original portrait (included is a simple background and up to two subjects; winner can pay Destany’s normal add-on fees to add subjects or an image to the background). Contest is open to the US only.

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