12 Weaning Ceremonies – A Guest Post at The Leaky B@@b

November 2nd, 2012 by Dionna | Comments Off on 12 Weaning Ceremonies – A Guest Post at The Leaky B@@b
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Breastfeeding can be such a sacred time in our lives. While we cherish the breastfeeding journey, it is rare in our culture to commemorate the end of breastfeeding with little more than a note in the baby book. If breastfeeding was important to you, consider celebrating your experiences and remembering this special transition with a weaning ceremony.

How did you recognize the transition to nursing your child beyond the breast?

I’m guest posting over at The Leaky B@@b today with 12 ideas for Weaning Ceremoniesplease stop by and leave a comment letting me know how you worked through the weaning transition (or what ideas you have for when that happens).

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