Hey Silver City Galleria – We’re Setting a Table for You In the Bathroom – a post at NursingFreedom.org

January 6th, 2013 by Dionna | 3 Comments
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The “breastfeeding mothers’ room” in the Silver City Galleria in Taunton, MA

During the national nurse-in on Saturday, January 5, Hollie Marcotte wandered into a bathroom in the Silver City Galleria mall in Taunton, Massachusetts.

Expecting to use the bathroom for its intended purpose – urination and defecation – Hollie was shocked to see an area cordoned off for the use of breastfeeding mothers. Hollie confirmed with a mall employee that indeed, this area is intended for women to breastfeed in.

In case you can’t make it out, the Silver Galleria actually removed a toilet in a bathroom stall, put in a rocking chair, and expects children to nurse adjacent to another stall where someone may be using the toilet.

Read more about the Silver City Galleria’s “nursing mothers’ room” and find out how you can call and tell them that it is unacceptable at NursingFreedom.org!


Photo taken by and used with permission of Hollie Minke Marcotte

3 Responses to:
"Hey Silver City Galleria – We’re Setting a Table for You In the Bathroom – a post at NursingFreedom.org"

  1. Amy Bailey

    WOW! This is highly offensive… I wonder if bottle feeding mother use it?? I highly doubt it. :S I really feel for the mothers that feel they have to use these rooms… and there are many of them who do. :*(

  2. Ruth Mitchell

    Would you be willing to bet that whoever developed this idea has NEVER nursed a baby a single day in their entire life!!!!

  3. Natalie m Valles teacher

    Make a point and apply for a permit to serve burgers in there. Do you think that would be approved? Do you think they will see not only how irrational that is, but plain right absurd!!!!! Is breast feeding seriously dirty? Cause that’s what that says. Now, put some rocking chairs out in the lobby or along the aisles and let it be. A child eating no matter how, is to be in clean comfort. And if someone wants to eat their burger next to someone taking a stinky, noisy cr*p in the stall next to them, I’m sure it can be arranged! Point made right?

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