Homemade Nut Butter Cup Recipe (with Coconut Oil!)

February 13th, 2013 by Dionna | 14 Comments
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Code Name: Mama - Homemade Nut Butter Cups

Our family is dairy and egg free, which means that we do a lot of our cooking from scratch. One of the prepackaged treats I missed when we initially cut out dairy was peanut butter cups. But I discovered a way to make dairy free, egg free, and gluten free peanut butter cups that taste even better than the ones loaded with HFCS and preservatives.

It all started when I pinned a recipe for coconut oil chocolates that has only four ingredients: coconut oil, cocoa powder, raw honey, and vanilla.

The chocolates are delicious enough to eat alone, but I wanted more. I wanted peanut butter cups.

So I bought a cute little chocolate heart mold and went to work.(I got my mold at Ikea, but here’s a chocolate heart mold at Amazon for less than $10.1) The heart shaped mold makes this easy recipe perfect for a sweet Valentine’s Day treat!

The recipe below is easy and much healthier for you than store brought nut butter cups. You can use any kind of nut butter you desire (although I have not tried with some of the thinner store bought nut butters, like Sun Butter).

I prefer to use natural peanut butter with no salt or sugar added. Besides peanut butter, I think these treats would be especially delicious with almond, cashew, or hazelnut butter. Yum! And if you haven’t tried making your own nut butter, give it a whirl. (While you’re at it, you can also make your own vanilla!)

Nut Butter Cups Ingredients

1 cup Coconut oil
1/2 cup cocoa powder
3-4 tbsp raw honey (to taste)
1-2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
Approx. 1/3 cup nut butter

Code Name: Mama - Homemade Nut Butter Cups


  1. Prepare your chocolate2: “Melt the coconut oil and add the honey.3 Whisk and add the cocoa powder” and vanilla. Using a spoon, pour chocolate into your chocolate mold, filling up each cup not quite halfway. Whisk while you pour to keep the honey from separating (it probably will anyway, but that’s ok).
  2. Put chocolate mold in the fridge for about 30 minutes to let the chocolate harden.
  3. Code Name: Mama - Homemade Nut Butter Cups

  4. Using 2 spoons (or a spoon and your finger, ahem), scoop and flatten dollops of nut butter onto each of your chocolate mold cups. Be sure not to use too much nut butter, or your hearts will not want to hold their shape when you pop them out of the mold. The amount of peanut butter I used in the picture to the right is too much.4 Oops!
  5. Code Name: Mama - Homemade Nut Butter Cups

  6. Whisking your remaining liquid chocolate, spoon it on top of the nut butter, filling each cup to the top.
  7. Refrigerate another hour or so.
  8. Pop the nut butter cups out of the mold and enjoy.
  9. Keep your nut butter cups refrigerated, as the chocolate tends to melt at room temperature. I store mine in a glass container with a lid.

    Makes about 2 dozen heart-shaped nut butter cups.


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    1. I just noticed that my Ikea mold says “for water only”; I assume they just don’t want people to pour hot candy-making liquid into it.
    2. By the way, I’ve also made the coconut oil chocolate recipe and added about 1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut – it was fantastic. I’d also be interested in trying the above recipe with caramel, but I have yet to try my hand at making dairy free caramel. Someday!
    3. I prefer to melt my coconut oil with the honey already added.
    4. For the record, the picture at the top of this post is of my chocolates with shredded coconut. I added too much peanut butter, so my chocolates did not want to pop out prettily enough to photograph. But they’re still delicious ;) I have, however, made them with less PB, and they came out of the mold just fine. It works, really!

14 Responses to:
"Homemade Nut Butter Cup Recipe (with Coconut Oil!)"

  1. Julia @ A Little Bit of All of It

    Do you think this would work in a pan if I have someone strong to cut them into squares after they have hardened? :)

  2. Mercedes

    These sound great and worth the effort! I’m particularly intrigued by the idea of making my own vanilla…yum! Will definitely have a go at these.

  3. JW   TrueRealMommy

    Try them frozen. YUM!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe! I’ve been trying to move more towards a semi-vegan lifestyle- definitely trying to cut most sugar and dairy from our diet. These look good! They look like they should help my cravings :)

  5. mari

    goodness, these look good. i learned a long time ago that adding powdered sugar to the peanut butter helps make that light texture, but i have been too nervous to try the whole cup. i’m definitely going to try these. peanut butter cups with dark chocolate…probably my most favorite treat ever. :) thank you so much for the inspiration. i have the same mold from ikea, my kids will love this.

    • Dionna   CodeNameMama

      Ohhh – powdered sugar to the PB, huh? I’ll have to add that in next time! Thanks for the tip!

  6. Jennifer @ Hybrid Rasta Mama   hybridrastamama

    Well you KNOW I love this recipe! It has all my favorites! Thanks for joining this month’s Carnival! Your recipe made a great addition!

  7. Lauren @ Hobo Mama   Hobo_Mama

    Oh, yum! These look delicious. Must get to Ikea…

    I was just thinking about how I miss my Grandma’s peanut butter cups (and Sam’s adapted recipe of same) and wondering how we could do something similar that doesn’t involve grains and sugar. Score!

  8. Angela   EarthMamasWorld

    Oh my goodness, these sound amazing!! What is even better is that I have ALL of the ingredients in my kitchen. This will be tomorrows post-Valentines Day treat, thank you!

  9. Yum, I’ll have to try this.

  10. Luschka   luschkavo

    These look fantastic! I only recently discovered ‘raw’ chocolate and these are a great way to try it! Thanks for joining the carnival!

  11. Lindy   lindylaroche

    These are so easy and yummy! We just made them today. Thank you :)

  12. Nice. I would like to try this. It’s still February so… Here we go.

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