35 Tutorials for Handmade Easter and Ostara Basket Goodies

March 2nd, 2013 by Dionna | 2 Comments
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I love handmade holiday goodies. I wrote about Healthy and Homemade Easter and Ostara Basket Ideas two years ago (check it out for alternatives to plastic eggs and grass, plus healthy snack options), and since then Pinterest has exploded with even more fun ideas. In this post, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite tutorial links to share with you.

For basket ideas that may or may not be accompanied by tutorials, check out my Let’s Get Busy: Busy Bag Ideas and Crafty Crafts I Want to Craft Pinterest Boards for even more inspiration. You can see all the pins below and more spring-inspired pins at my Holiday and Seasonal Goodies Pinterest Board.

Have fun creating spring-themed goodies for your little ones!

Sock bunny tutorial from Lil Blue Boo.

Source: lilblueboo.com via Dionna on Pinterest

An Easter bunny carrot tutorial from Clare’s Classroom.

Source: clarescraftroom.blogspot.com.au via Dionna on Pinterest

Personalized clay egg tutorial from The Rachel Berry Blog.

Source: therachelberryblog.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Mustache stamp tutorial from While Wearing Heels.

Source: whilewearingheels.blogspot.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Plush birdie tutorial from Bird’s Party Blog.

Source: blog.birdsparty.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Cashmere bunny upcycle tutorial from liz Noonan.

Source: liznoonan.wordpress.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Homemade bubbles recipe from Mom Advice.

Source: momadvice.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Felt egg design book tutorial from Chez Beeper Bebe.

Source: chezbeeperbebe.blogspot.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Burlap and fabric flowers tutorial from Craftionary.

Source: craftionary.net via Dionna on Pinterest

Chick tutorial from Myrtle and Eunice.

Source: myrtleandeunice.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Fabric egg tutorial from retro mama.

Source: retro-mama.blogspot.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Soft lamb toy tutorial from Toastie Studio.

Source: toastiestudio.blogspot.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Colorful peg people and pots tutorial from Wee Folk Art.

Source: weefolkart.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Tiny knit baby bunnies tutorial from Mochimochi Land.

Source: mochimochiland.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Macaron coin purse tutorial from Craft Passion.

Source: craftpassion.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Easy pinwheel tutorial from A Subtle Revelery.

Source: asubtlerevelry.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Hand dyed play silks tutorial from Clean.

Source: lusaorganics.typepad.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Tutu legging tutorial from Tip Junkie.

Source: tipjunkie.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Felt bunny ear tutorial from Martha Stewart.

Source: marthastewart.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Seed bomb tutorial from McCrenshaw’s Newest Thoughts.

Source: mccrenshaw.blogspot.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Needle Felted Chick tutorial from Martha Stewart.

Source: marthastewart.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Easter egg finger puppet tutorial from Wild Olive.

Source: wildolive.blogspot.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Cashmere bunny tutorial from All Free Sewing.

Source: allfreesewing.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Plush chick from fabric scraps tutorial from Molly Chicken.

Source: mollychicken.blogs.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Egg shaped sidewalk chalk tutorial from Skip to My Lou.

Source: skiptomylou.org via Dionna on Pinterest

Spring chick and egg tutorial from Making Ends Meet.

Source: april-makingendsmeet.blogspot.fr via Dionna on Pinterest

20 playdough recipes from The Green Fish Chronicles.

Source: greenfishchronicles.org via Dionna on Pinterest

Bounding bunny pin tutorial from Allsorts.

Source: allsorts.typepad.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Finger paint recipes from Creative Kids at Home.

Source: creativekidsathome.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Chibi kitty and bunny tutorial from my little mochi.

Source: mylittlemochi.typepad.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Animal tail tutorial from Code Name: Mama.

Source: codenamemama.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Baby sock bunny tutorial from elsie marley.

Source: elsiemarley.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Fabric egg tutorial from V and CO..

Source: vanessachristenson.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Bunny bow tutorial from Ten Cow Chick.

Source: tencowchick.com via Dionna on Pinterest

Recycled chunky crayon tutorial from Make and Take.

Source: makeandtakes.com via Dionna on Pinterest

2 Responses to:
"35 Tutorials for Handmade Easter and Ostara Basket Goodies"

  1. Some great ideas – Thanks! I have posted a tutorial for air drying eggs on my blog, I find this a much cheaper method than polymer clay. Air-drying clay also feels much warmer to the touch and eggs made from it are sooo tactile. Check out the tutorial here;


    Thanks again and keep up the good work, Josie

  2. Great list! Will have to give the carrots and the bunny bow’s a try :) Shared this!

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