Nursing: The Only Time Some Toddlers Slow Down!

March 8th, 2013 by Dionna | Comments Off on Nursing: The Only Time Some Toddlers Slow Down!
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Code Name: Mama - Nursing: The Only Time Some Toddlers Slow Down!

My name is Amanda; I am a mother of two boys. My oldest, Alex, is four and my youngest, Owen, is nearly two. I own a home childcare program, in Vermont, that is Waldorf inspired. I am very pleased to say that my almost two year old is still nursing!

There are many reasons why I enjoy nursing a toddler. For starters, it’s amazing to know I am still providing him with lots of extra nutrients. I love being able to offer it to him in times when he needs comfort, such as teething and all the bumps and bangs of toddlerhood. Just this morning he tripped while running and smacked his poor little head right on the wall; nursing calmed him right down.

Let me tell you something about Owen. He has not stopped moving since he started rolling over. He does not sit still often and is always on the go. Nursing is the only time my busy boy will sit and snuggle. He’ll come right over, slide into my lap in his nursing position, and ask, “ask, milk, please?” That’s not a typo. He actually asks “ask” to nurse! Pretty silly, right? It’s so sweet and such a special time for us. We share lots of smiles and giggles. There is nothing quite like the first time your toddler giggles with a mouth full of milk while still trying to nurse.

My absolute favorite part of the day is during bedtime routine. Right after Owen has his pajamas on he comes over to me, and signs, “milk, please.” I sit down and unsnap for him, he slides down onto my lap and looks at me with the sweetest smile you will ever see. That smile where even their eyes are full of how much they love you. He gives me a giant hug, nuzzling his cheek on my breast, then turns his head and latches on and gets his “sleepy milk” before heading to bed.

I will continue to nurse my spirited little boy until he self weans and enjoying all these moments. I loved nursing him as a newborn, but there is something just as amazing, and special, about nursing a toddler. If you haven’t yet experienced nursing a toddler, you’ll have to find out for yourself to see what I mean.


Today’s breastfeeding guest post is number 39 in Code Name: Mama’s “Joys of Breastfeeding Past Infancy” series.

Amanda is a home childcare provider, the mother of two boys, Alex and Owen, and is married to her best friend, Peter.

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