We’re Just Suckers for Breastmilk! Should Lactivists Worry About Breastmilk-Flavored Lollipops?

June 6th, 2013 by Dionna | 1 Comment
Posted in Breastfeeding/Lactivism, Compassionate Advocacy

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We're Just Suckers for Breastmilk! Should Lactivists Worry About Breastmilk-Flavored Lollipops?

It might not be widely known, but breastmilk is (usually) super sweet. My son used to tell me that it tasted like melted ice cream (really! here are opinions from lots of breastfeeding kids on what breastmilk tastes like).

And breastmilk is not just for babies – there are tons of medicinal and cosmetic uses for breastmilk, from killing cancer cells to clearing up acne.

So I suppose it’s not much of a stretch to think about breastmilk in candy form. I’ve heard some grumbles from a few lactivists about the new breastmilk-flavored lollipops from Lollyphile. Some worry that a breastmilk-flavored lollipop marketed to adults will do more to sexualize breastfeeding than normalize it.

From a brief glance around Lollyphile’s website and Facebook page, they are banking on girls in lingerie to sell lollipops in general, regardless of the flavor of the week. Showing a woman in a bikini seductively sucking on a lollipop does nothing to normalize breastfeeding . . . or candy-eating, for that matter. I don’t think that is the intent of the company.

I guess my question is, should we care? (My other question is – would my child notice if I made the breastmilk lollipop available for twiddling instead of my nipple?!)

Personally, I don’t think it’s worthy of the attention of breastfeeding advocates. Let’s save our energy for promoting positive stories and combating the Booby Traps.

What about you – have you tasted your own (or your partner’s) breastmilk? If not, were you ever curious to try it?

And do you – as a breastfeeding mom or supporter – feel that lactivists should be worried about breastmilk-flavored confections?


Photo Credit: Thanh Quynh

One Response to:
"We’re Just Suckers for Breastmilk! Should Lactivists Worry About Breastmilk-Flavored Lollipops?"

  1. Hmmm, somehow I don’t see the breast milk confectionary trend taking off in a hurry! I don’t think it’s worthy of attention. BUT, I too would like a couple to keep my toddler busy during the night to play with!

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