Wordless Wednesday: Breastfeeding Around the World

August 7th, 2013 by Dionna | 3 Comments
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In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, NursingFreedom.org and The San Diego Breastfeeding Center are looking for pictures of mamas nursing around the world. Post your picture and then link up at their Wordless Wednesday post today!

Here are a few of me nursing my littles:

In Springfield, Missouri with Jorje of MommaJorje.com (Ailia – 5 months)

2012-04-28 13

At Disney World in Orlando (Kieran – 23 months)

2009-10-30 12

At a Royals game in Kansas City (Kieran – 5 months)

2008-5-10 18

3 Responses to:
"Wordless Wednesday: Breastfeeding Around the World"

  1. Valerie@ Momma in Progress   mommainprogress

    Love the castle pic. I just linked up a post, but the pinnable map would take me all day on this tiny screen, LOL.

  2. I’ve only ever managed to feed my second child a couple of times in a wrap or carrier and I’ve always had great admiration for mama’s who manage to breastfeed on the go with what seems like relative ease!
    Great pictures :)

  3. Lyndsay   hisfeministmama

    I just adore the Disney photo!

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