Giveaway: On the Farm Game from Ravensburger and NPN Holiday Gift Guide – $21 ARV

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Second Annual NPN Holiday Gift Guide & Giveaway (12/6, 24 winners, US only ARV $2587.26)

This review is part of the Second Annual Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide!
If you need to complete your holiday shopping, find a birthday present for a friend, or just treat yourself to something special, the NPN Holiday Gift Guide has something for everyone. But what’s even better, the NPN Holiday Gift Guide is a great opportunity to shop consciously and to support many naturally minded small businesses.

The 54 companies that have provided items for review and giveaway are almost exclusively made up of work-at-home shops or companies that are dedicated to supporting eco-conscious choices. I’m featuring one of those companies in my review below. When you get done reading my review, please click on over to the full Second Annual Natural Parents Network Holiday Gift Guide, where you’ll find information on 58 products. In total, we’re giving away goodies worth more than $2500!

Even if you don’t win one of our fabulous prize packages, please consider spending part of your gift-giving budget at one of these small businesses. By supporting small businesses, you are helping families, boosting local economies, and supporting ethical practices of manufacturing, production and selling. Take advantage of coupon codes provided by many of the companies, you can find them at the full Gift Guide at NPN. To make browsing easier, we’ve split the Gift Guide into sections with products that are Perfect for Kids and Perfect for Families. And you can find all 5 Rafflecopter widgets there, too.

Without further ado, here is my review – thank you for reading and entering!

This is a Joint Review and Giveaway of a On the Farm Game from Ravensburgerbetween Natural Parents Network and Code Name: Mama.

Giveaway: Make 'n Break Junior from Code Name: Mama

Ravensburger’s Commitment to Children and Families

Ravensburger is more than a company that sells children’s toys and games, the people who make up Ravensburger actually care about their customers and their legacy. They know that the games, books and art children interact with shape their hearts and minds – and Ravensburger takes pride in creating and selling products that will make children and parents happy.

Because Ravensburger wants to create products that please heads, hands, and hearts, they begin with the best creators. Renowned authors and illustrators design the products within the company, and their team refines the games and toys with certain things in mind:

  • they make each product to fit a specific age group, so that the intended children will get the most benefit from the product;
  • they work with teachers and other experts to design products that will develop the skills specific to that age group; and
  • their products contain absolutely no violence, making them a safe and peaceful choice for kids of all ages.

Read more about Ravensburger in my review of the Make ‘n Break Junior game, and in their brochure on the Ravensburger Values.

Giveaway: On the Farm Game

Our Experience with the On the Farm Game

Toddlers and preschoolers will love the 3-dimensional On the Farm game from Ravensburger, which features a colorful farm scene and sturdy game pieces. You can adapt game play to your child’s skill level and interest.

For children who like to build, let them help you put the barn together. With help, even the youngest toddlers can help construct the three dimensional barn, and they’ll have fun opening and closing the barn’s door and windows.

On the Farm is a great tool for imaginative free play. Use the sturdy cardboard pieces to talk about directions and positions: the horse is peeking through the window; the girl can climb up the ladder; where is the cow? She is behind the pig. If you have farm toys of your own, feel free to incorporate them into the game. Create your own game by matching On the Farm game pieces with pictures in a farm book or pieces from your own farm set.

Giveaway: On the Farm Game

On the Farm was designed to help toddlers develop association and deduction, build vocabulary, and learn social rules such as turn-taking. For example, set up the game pieces, have your child close her eyes, then take one of the animals away (or turn one over, or switch positions, etc.). See if she can determine what animal is gone or different.

Ailia has had so much fun playing with our On the Farm game. Admittedly, it has not been “game” play so much as pretend/imaginative play. Ailia’s first question after we set up the barn was, “a door! Can I open it?” She was so pleased to know that we could open the doors and windows. (Parent note: the doors and windows actually pop out, I was expecting them to swing out, and I had an “oh no!” moment when the door came completely out. It was ok!)

Ailia loves the colorful pieces. And these pieces are beautiful – the pictures are well-done with lots of fun details, even the underside of the barn’s roof has fun little critters to look at!

Giveaway: On the Farm game

We did lots of peeking through doors and windows, and we created stories for the characters and the animals (she just brought me the older girl piece and said, “mama, this you, mama; this girl me, Ailia!”, as she held the little girl piece in her hand). Ailia is also currently fascinated with questions (“what happened? why? where you put it?”), so we did a lot of playing and talking and wondering. If you don’t feel like creating your own stories or doing the game play, you can also use On the Farm pieces as props and puppets for songs and stories. Use the sweet animals when you sing “Old Macdonald Had a Farm,” “Pig on Her Head,” or to act out simple books like “Open the Barn Door.”

With tons of learning opportunities (simple game play, vocabulary building, deduction and memory), On the Farm is a great educational game for any toddler. Most importantly, playing games like On the Farm with your children will create opportunities for connection that will last a lifetime.

Giveaway: On the Farm game

Buy it!

You can purchase your own On the Farm game at Ravensburger or on Amazon for $20.99.


For your own chance to win an On the Farm Game from Ravensburger or one of 25 huge prize packages we’re giving away, enter by leaving a comment and using our Rafflecopter system below! Mandatory Entry is specifying which prize package you want if you win, all other entries are bonus entries.

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Disclosure: Our reviewer received a sample product for review purposes. Amazon links are affiliate links. We try to seek out only products we think you would find relevant and useful to your life as a natural parent. If we don’t like a product, we won’t be recommending it to you. See our full disclosure policy here.

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