That’s Just Love Sneaking Up On You

January 17th, 2014 by Dionna | 1 Comment
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2011-08-04 01

When we found out we were pregnant with our first son, Kieran, I started falling in love with him from the moment we saw those two lines appear. Love was easy, it was uncomplicated.

This second time around, even after 21 months spent trying to conceive, love has been much more elusive. After the typical panic attacks about how a second child will change our family, followed by the heartache of losing my breastmilk at ten weeks and fears of weaning, I haven’t been falling in love as much as I’ve been wallowing around somewhere near its outer edges.

I’ve written previously about bonding with a baby before birth when you’re not really excited about the pregnancy. One factor I never considered was watching the baby’s older sibling fall in love . . . and letting yourself be carried along with it.


*Every week we read through the “Your Pregnancy Week ____” at least four times, and we’d do it many more if Kieran had control of the computer. He is fascinated by the baby’s development.

*At every midwife appointment, Kieran has come up with questions for our midwife.

*Ever since I started showing, Kieran has included my belly in his show of love and affection for me. One of the best parts of brushing his teeth now is when I pick him up to sit on the counter, he immediately starts planting little kisses all over my growing belly.

*At 20 weeks, we were finally able to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. He was in awe.

*Kieran felt the baby move for the first time at 20 weeks. I can’t help but laugh at his reactions to being kicked by someone on the other side of my stomach.

*After my tailbone started hurting, and on the many occasions that I sneeze and groan in disgust (I’ll let you figure that one out), Kieran has exhibited such concern for me and any pregnancy discomforts. He has rubbed my feet, asked me how I slept, offered to carry groceries in from the car – all out of his genuine concern for me.

*We finally came up with a nickname for the baby around 25 weeks. Kieran now affectionately refers to his sibling as “Roo,” and it helps us all personalize this new little being.

*When we read that Roo could hear and recognize voices, and it was suggested that we read stories and sing songs to the baby, Kieran has enthusiastically catered to Roo’s new hearing skills. He often asks me to “read a story to Roo,” and he’s also had me get the headphones out so we can play music for Roo.

*Watching Kieran love on Roo from the outside of my body, cooing and singing and talking, it has reassured me that this new addition to our family is right, even if it’s taken me a little longer than him to figure that out.


Sometimes, love springs up quickly, intent on soaking your entire being with its presence. But other times, love creeps in a little more cautiously, making sure that your heart is ready before it takes root.1

  1. This article was originally posted as a guest post at Taking Time.

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"That’s Just Love Sneaking Up On You"

  1. Ben

    21 months trying to conceive! Wow, so happy for you. Beautiful post :)

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