Lactation-Friendly to People Who Snark About Breastfeeding: “Grow up already!”

January 20th, 2014 by Dionna | Comments Off on Lactation-Friendly to People Who Snark About Breastfeeding: “Grow up already!”
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A friend (Charlie of Three Blind Wives) alerted me to the awesomeness that is Kids Woot today. They are featuring a My Brest Friend nursing pillow. The team at frequently makes me smile with their product descriptions, but this one hits close to home.

I’ve created the picture below with my favorite snippets of the text; read the full description at Kids Woot. And if you’re in the market for a nursing pillow, this sale is only on for another 4 hours as of the time I hit publish on this post!

Kids Woot Nursing Pillow

Here it is in non-picture format:

“Pope Francis . . . encouraged mothers of infants attending a service at the Vatican not to be shy about breastfeeding . . . . “If they are hungry, mothers, feed them, without thinking twice,” the lacto-friendly pontiff said. “They are the most important people here.”

Some welcomed the pope’s encouragement as reasonable and humane. Others said stupid stuff that we won’t bother repeating because it’s common freaking sense that feeding a hungry baby is more important than the squeamishness of random passersby who should grow up already, it’s 2014 for crying out loud.”

Thank you, Woot team. The lactating mothers of the world applaud you.

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