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February 23rd, 2014 by Dionna | 2 Comments
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learning through play

This review is part of Natural Parents Network’s Learning through Play Giveaway!

“Play is . . . the way that children make the world their own, exploring, making sense of all their new experiences, and recovering from life’s upsets.” {Larry Cohen, Playful Parenting} It is also well-established that children learn through play, which is why we’ve gathered some creative and fun products and websites to share with you and your children.

The Learning through Play Giveaway features nine amazing products for kids of all different ages and interests. I’m featuring one of those companies in my review below. When you get done reading my review, please click on over to the full Learning through Play giveaway post (live on March 1), where you’ll find information on all of the goodies you can win. In total, we’re giving away products worth $738!

Even if you don’t win one of our fabulous prize packages, please consider spending part of your educational budget at one of these small businesses. By supporting small businesses and independent authors, you are helping families, boosting local economies, and supporting ethical practices of manufacturing, production and selling.

Without further ado, here is my review – thank you for reading and entering! (Check back here on March 1 when our Rafflecopter widget will be live and ready for entries.)

Learn Piano Live logo

About offers piano students of all ages the opportunity to have weekly live lessons with a living, breathing (and personable!) piano teacher. And not only do you get live instruction from a real teacher, but there is also time for questions and feedback during each lesson.

The best part is the price – you’ll get more lessons from the comfort of your own home for a fraction of what you’d pay for traditional lessons. Traditional lessons often run $50-$100 for 4 lessons a month. Learn Piano Live provides up to three lessons per week (one each for beginner, intermediate and advanced) at $19.95/month. You are welcome to login for one or all three lessons. In fact, if you are a beginning piano teacher, be sure to check out the beginning lesson to get tips on how to teach your own students!

Learn Piano Live Screenshot

Jamin – the piano teacher at Learn Piano Live – is a fun and warm instructor who manages to connect with young learners even through the impersonal medium of internet lessons.

He manages to do this by employing student helpers during his lessons – one “in studio” student who plays at various times, and one student who moderates the chat room (in case you have a question or comment). He also adds fun graphics and videos to the kids’ lessons to keep them entertained and engaged.

The few times I had questions when we first started Learn Piano Live, Jamin was prompt and kind in answering my emails. One of the questions I had was about the Archives – why couldn’t we see more than the last 2-3 months of lessons? Jamin explained that because the point of Learn Piano Live is the live lessons and interaction, he doesn’t keep all of the previous lessons in the Archives. Every Beginner lesson is based on the premise that all students are just that – beginners – coming in with no experience. The lessons are non-linear, so each week you can come in with no experience or background and learn the new song. You can read more about how Learn Piano Live works at the FAQ page.

Learn Piano Live Screenshot 2

How Does Each Lesson Work?

For each child’s lesson, Jamin provides a PDF that has 5 “tracks.” Track 1 is the most simple – instead of music notes, there are colored circles with the note names. Track 2 has one simple melody line with the notes written on the staff. Track 3 adds notes, making the song more sophisticated. Track 4 includes the full, complex song. Track 5 offers a guide for you to create your own version of the song, if you are interested in creating music.

To participate in the live lesson, you log on to at the designated time. (If you cannot login to the live lessons, Jamin keeps the lessons archived for 2-3 months.) There is a short introductory video with instructions for new students, then Jamin begins the lesson with some banter and an introduction of his assistants. Then you dive right into the song, playing along with Jamin as he goes through each line.

Jamin makes it clear throughout the lesson that students should not expect to perfect the song during the lesson – it’s just a time to become familiar with the melody so that they can practice on their own throughout the week.

After the lesson proper, Jamin stays around as long as it takes to answer every student question.

To encourage students to practice, Jamin has a daily video “Music Challenge,” where kids are guided through simple technical exercises and given time to practice that week’s song. The video itself is only about 15 minutes long – but it gives the kids somewhere to start. The children’s subscription also offers kids weekly prizes – the entries are obtained through the daily music challenges, giving them a little extra incentive for daily practice.

All of the videos on Learn Piano Live are very professional. There was one week where I could not download a PDF, and Kieran was able to follow along with the notes he was supposed to play by simply watching the music on the video. (We never had another technical issue downloading PDF’s – it was a random hiccup.) offers a fantastic variety of tools students can use to learn piano at their own pace: the live lessons, the recorded videos, the high-quality PDF’s – everything is designed to create enthusiasm and ease in children of all ages.

Connect with Jamin and Learn Piano Live

Check out all Learn Piano Live has to offer by checking out the website (click here to learn all about the kids program).

And be sure to connect with Jamin on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Oh! And use code FREEWEEK to get a trial lesson!

Kieran at 8 months playing our keyboard

Kieran at 8 months playing our keyboard

Our Experience with Learn Piano Live

We’ve had an electric keyboard in the toy room since before Kieran could walk. Through the years, he’s spent time fiddling around on it, but I think he’s gravitated toward it more for the buttons and bells and whistles – he likes learning how to get different pre-recorded songs to play, he enjoys playing with the different instrumental sounds. He has spent hours dancing like a ninja to one of the pre-recorded tracks (why is it ninja music? I don’t know, but it fits!).

Kieran also learned to read last year, and we’ve spent some time together looking at sheet music. He was interested by how I could look at the notes and know what to play on the piano or my violin. This past winter I decided to give Kieran some basic music lessons, but he would quickly become frustrated.

2014-02-23 04

Around that same time, Jamin from contacted me and asked if I’d like to preview his online lessons. We did, and Kieran was fascinated.

Having an outside teacher who is funny and engaging has really helped Kieran get past his frustrations. Jamin’s encouragement that he does not expect anything close to perfection has also been crucial to my perfectionist kiddo.

One of the things we’ve loved most about Learn Piano Live is that Jamin listens to his students and gives lessons based on what they are asking for. When Kieran logged on and found out we’d be learning one of the songs from Frozen last month, he was ecstatic! He learned the songs so fast, and once he realized he could easily learn songs that he loved, he started learning how to play the theme song from Star Wars, just because he wanted to. And that is exactly what I was hoping for – that he would want to learn to play out of a love of the music itself.

We have appreciated the fun atmosphere Jamin creates with And Kieran loves the combination of music lessons and technology: the extra videos, the music challenges, and the ability to pause and replay portions of each lesson are particularly important to Kieran.

2014-02-23 02 has been a great addition to our homeschooling curriculum. I’d wholeheartedly recommend it to any parent looking for interactive piano lessons. Learn Piano Live would be particularly well-suited to families who are looking for something more laid-back, or for something to fit very large families (there’s nothing that says all 4 of your kids can’t practice with Learn Piano Live!). Parents who have students who like to take a more active role in their learning style and pace will also appreciate

To learn more about lessons for kids at, check out the introductory videos and FAQs, be sure to use code FREEWEEK for a free trial lesson.

Check back on March 1 to enter to win a full year of piano lessons with


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    Tell Kieran that I want to hear another piece of music the next time we skype!!! I love that he loves music!!!!

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