The Nightline Segment on “Body Wars”

April 6th, 2014 by Dionna | Comments Off on The Nightline Segment on “Body Wars”
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The segment was heavily edited to add drama and cut hours and hours of footage to only ten minutes, and many of our statements were taken out of context, but here it is! (If the video below does not work, check it out at

ABC US News | ABC Business News

Several of my friends and I think we should start an empowering movement called #NoShame. We’ll provide information and support to meet you where you are. We’ll promote loving ourselves for WHO we are so that our health and fitness become natural priorities – not shame-induced activities that someone else is forcing on us. We’ll recognize that “healthy” is not defined by size or shape – health comes in many sizes. And we’ll recognize that we can ALL be role models, regardless of whether we are a size 4, 14, or 24.

How could a community empower and support you?

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