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April 13th, 2014 by Dionna | Comments Off on Join Our Community and Take One Small Step
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Mama and Ailia Exercising

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve had health and fitness on my mind more than usual.

Because of the recent experience I shared with my friend Sara, we’ve also been talking to several other friends about what really constitutes “support” versus “shame” when it comes to promoting well-being in a community setting.

We wanted something positive to come out of the HuffPo article and the conversation that sparked it. We tossed around several ideas, and we finally landed on one that felt right: we created a Facebook support group called One Small Step.

As my friend Charlie of Three Blind Wives succinctly put it:

Some friends and I started a Facebook support group. Support for what? For whatever you are doing in your life right this second. Want to read more books? Exercise more? Be more grateful? Cook from scratch? Push your career to the next level? Whatever you want to do, regardless of how far down that path you have traveled (or not), join us and take that One Small Step.

One Small Step brings people together to celebrate the steps we make in supporting a healthy mind, body, and spirit, regardless of the size of the step. Members may post inspiring thoughts, moments, and articles as well as reach out for support.

We started ?#?OneSmallStep? because we do not believe in shaming and guilting people into making changes for their health and well-being. We believe that loving ourselves from the inside out will bring about more authentic, long-lasting change and health.

We’re planning to host some 21-day challenges and other fun stuff (including prizes!), and anyone is welcome to join, regardless of where you are in your own health and wellness journey.

15 Minute a Day Challenge

OneSmallStep 15MinuteChallenge

Our first 21-day challenge starts tomorrow: it is a 15 Minute a Day Challenge. Starting Monday, April 14th and ending Monday, May 5th, we are challenging you to look for 15 minutes a day for YOU! We all take passing seconds throughout the day to check email, Facebook, etc., but we’re challenging members to mindfully plan fifteen minutes out of our day. Fifteen minutes for yourself every day for 21 days – use it for anything you’d like. Meditation, a healthy snack (a not-so-healthy snack?), weeding the garden (if it’s what you like – not a chore!), a chapter out of a book, tree pose – whatever you want.


Are you up to the challenge?

One participant who completes the challenge will win a copy of For My Children: A Mother’s Journal of Memories, Wishes, and Wisdom.

Whether you are participating in the first challenge or not, join us at the One Small Step community. Give and receive genuine, positive support. Commit to making just one small step for your well-being.


Photo Credit 15 Minute Challenge: Adapted (added words) with permission from stephanos papachristou via Flickr Creative Commons Attribution license

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