15 Minute a Day Challenge (and 18 Ideas to Get You Started)

April 14th, 2014 by Dionna | Comments Off on 15 Minute a Day Challenge (and 18 Ideas to Get You Started)
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OneSmallStep 15MinuteChallenge

It’s officially Day #1 of our challenge to find 15 minutes each day to mindfully spend doing something for yourself. You choose what that activity is. Remember, you do not need to spend 15 minutes doing the same activity every day. Each day’s activity can be different!

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Do you want to focus on your physical health?

Do you want to focus on your emotional/mental health?

Do you want to focus on an activity that can help you at work or school?

Do you want to be happier and have more fun?

  • Explore a new hobby!
  • Journal gratitude. Focusing on gratitude has been proven to help improve happiness. Read about more proven ways to be happy in this article.
  • Cultivate friendship. Invite someone for coffee. Send quick notes in the mail. Organize a breakfast club. Friends can help us be happy.

Do you want to do something that makes your home more inviting/organized/relaxed?

  • Declutter. (This is one of my favorite ways to destress!)
  • Find a way to make your personality shine through in your home. Here are tips on how to make your house a home without spending much money.
  • I’ve heard Flylady can help you clean your house in minutes every day.

Do you want to focus on your family life?

There is no right or wrong way to spend your 15 minutes a day – simply be mindful about it and make it about your health and well-being, whatever that means to you right now.

If you need help even finding a few minutes in the day for yourself, check out some of the articles at Margin, Priorities, and Time for the Important Things (at a Delightful Home). Do you need permission to give yourself time? Please know that being a parent does not mean you also have to be a martyr. Taking care of your own wants and needs not only helps you stay healthy, it also sets a positive example for your kids.


Be sure to join our One Small Step community to share your progress and celebrate everyone’s achievements.

Remember, one participant who completes the challenge will win a copy of For My Children: A Mother’s Journal of Memories, Wishes, and Wisdom.


Photo Credit 15 Minute Challenge: Adapted (added words) with permission from stephanos papachristou via Flickr Creative Commons Attribution license

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