33 Reasons to Grow Bee Balm, Lavender, and Basil: A Post on Natural Parents Network

April 28th, 2014 by Dionna | 1 Comment
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33 Reasons to Grow

When I’m looking for plants to add to my gardens, I lean toward options that will not only give me beautiful blooms, but will also add value to our lives in other ways. There are so many herbs and plants that can be used for their medicinal benefits, as natural insect repellents, in foods, decorations, and more.

I’m really excited about three plants I’m adding this year. To our hummingbird and butterfly garden, we are adding bee balm and lavender, both of which will attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and a variety of beneficial and pollinating insects. And to our herb garden we are starting basil plants, which will not only attract beneficial insects, but can also repel aphids and tomato hornworms.1

You can read more about the many benefits of bee balm, lavender, and basil at my post today at Natural Parents Network. From heart health to pain relief, these herbs pack an incredible punch in your home and garden.


Photo Credit: Adapted with permission (added words) from Elizabeth Weller via Flickr Creative Commons; also see the original photo for a simple recipe for lavender sugar water to add to your lemonade!

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"33 Reasons to Grow Bee Balm, Lavender, and Basil: A Post on Natural Parents Network"

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    This is Diane Linsley at Diane’s Flower Seeds. Thank you for linking to my article about attracting beneficial insects. I’m writing to tell you that the URL to that article was changed when my website went mobile-friendly. Here’s the new URL, so you can fix the broken link:



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