Help Give Mothers a Voice!

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Demeter Press

Sadly, it isn’t shocking to hear of a press going under these days. Book stores, small publishing houses, and bound books are becoming more elusive with each passing year.

Yet even as our culture moves in the direction of accessing our information electronically, and ingesting material through our smart phones and laptops, there will always be a place for books. We need them; humans are attached to the smell, feel and pursuit of ‘the book.’ They aren’t going away. Funny enough, neither are mothers. I’m really kind of partial to both.

Demeter Press is a small publishing house that focuses on writing for and about mothers. The very first press to have this important focus, it started in response to the increasing scholarship around Motherhood Studies, and has continued to grow with each year. Noting their successes, and a dedication by their staff and board of directors to continue printing work by and about mothers, I was disappointed to hear that one of their granting agencies would not be funding them for the 2014 year.

With books on Gender Fluid Parenting, Black Mothering, Latina Mothering, and Adoptive Mothering (to name but a few) I feel that this press is integral to the important work of giving mothers a voice and advancing the research on motherhood, mothering and mothers.

There is no doubt about how successful Demeter Press has become: they are preparing to launch their fiftieth title! Many of their titles, including Maternal Theory: Essential Readings, have gone into their third print-run, and Demeter doesn’t just publish non-fiction texts, they also have a solid selection of literary titles articulating through poetry and prose the nuances of motherhood.

Like the editor-in-chief, Andrea O’Reilly, and the staff at Demeter, like the board members that volunteer their time to keep Demeter running and like the thousands around the world reading their books, I want to support this press. I want the stories of mothers to reach other mothers. I want to help build a community of mothers through words, tales and research. I want to help ensure that all granting agencies know that Motherhood is NOT a liability.

Demeter Press needs our help, and I want to show you exactly how you can keep this publishing house alive.

There are three ways that you can make a difference.

1. Head over to the Motherhood is NOT a liability fundraising campaign and give them a little bit of cash. Even 5 dollars will help, while 25 will get you a t-shirt! Share your generosity on your Facebook, Twitter or Google + pages.

2. Buy some books! In honour of Mother’s Day, Demeter Press has a 50% off sale. Snap up some of their stellar titles before June 1st – if you spend over 50 dollars, shipping is free.

3. Get the word out. Help me spread the news about Demeter Press! Tweet it, Facebook it, Google+ it, Talk about it at the local La Leche meeting. However you communicate, please share this story.

Helpful Links to ShareLinks:

Thank you for your help in supporting mothers and Demeter Press. And if you have a blog and would like to help spread the word, please let me know or contact Lyndsay, who is coordinating these efforts (and who wrote this wonderful post that I’m publishing – thank you, Lyndsay!).

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