Move and Groove Challenge (and 10 Ideas to Get You Started)

May 5th, 2014 by Dionna | Comments Off on Move and Groove Challenge (and 10 Ideas to Get You Started)
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The One Small Step 15 Minute a Day Challenge has reached its successful completion. Many thanks to the almost 200 people who participated. From reading your posts and talking to you personally, it is clear that we all feel so much better when we make sure to take time out for ourselves every day. Keep reading to the end of this post to find out who won the copy of For My Children: A Mother’s Journal of Memories, Wishes, and Wisdom.

Move and Groove Challenge

To help us all continue to take at least 15 minutes to focus on our health and well-being each day, #OneSmallStep is launching our second challenge: Move and Groove. From May 5 – 25, we’re challenging you to find time each day to either move (real physical movement at whatever level you choose) or get into a new groove (some new habit or attitude you’d like to cultivate).

If you’re moving, you may want to continue concentrating on taking 15 minutes each day – especially if you are not in the habit of moving right now.

If you’re grooving, setting aside 15 minutes to work on a new habit may not truly encompass your efforts, so set individual goals, and the #OneSmallStep community will be here to support you.

Here are a few Move and Groove ideas you may want to try.


  • Join the 30 Day Yoga Challenge! Not sold on yoga? Read this HelpGuide on why exercise is so important, and ideas on how to incorporate exercise throughout your day – including some that you can do right from your couch.
  • Replace your computer chair with an exercise ball. Or raise your computer so that you are standing instead of sitting.
  • Create a house rule: everyone must get up and move (dance, do some jumping jacks, etc.) during commercials. Or at the top of every other waking hour. Or whatever works for you. Here are some more ideas from Let’s Move on helping your family stay active.
  • Have walking meetings. Whether you’re at work or want to discuss something with your child or partner, do it while walking. Here are lots of ideas from Reader’s Digest about fighting Sitting Disease.
  • Make family time moving time. Here are 18 fun ways to have fun moving with your kiddos from

Find a New Groove!

These are only a few ideas. Share your own with us in our One Small Step Facebook community – we’d love to have you join us! (And for those of you who value your privacy, please note that we are changing to a “closed” group. Check Facebook’s privacy settings for more info on what that means for your own FB feed.)


And now for the winner of the copy of For My Children: A Mother’s Journal of Memories, Wishes, and Wisdom from our 15 Minute a Day Challenge:

Kris Tuey!


Green Smoothie Bible

For our Move and Groove Challenge, we’re giving away a copy of The Green Smoothie Bible by Kristine Miles, featuring 300 of the fastest and easiest recipes that will dramatically increase the amount of nutrients your body takes in while improving your health and well-being. YUM!

All you have to do to win is join our Facebook One Small Step Community, and post throughout the challenge.


Photo Credit Move and Groove Challenge: Adapted (added words) with permission from Howard Dickins via Flickr Creative Commons Attribution license

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