A Chewing Gum Mad Lib

May 14th, 2014 by Dionna | Comments Off on A Chewing Gum Mad Lib
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bubble gum

I recently did a homeschool cooperative class all about chewing gum. Using a fantastic book and documentary on DVD purchased from Glee Gum, we learned all about how gum was originally made (from a tree!), the history of gum, and how some traditional gum is still made today.

We also tasted different flavors of gum and made a graph of our favorites, used gum to talk about different parts of speech, and we made our own chewing gum with a kit from Glee Gum.

One of our favorite activities (other than making the gum – yum!), was a chewing gum mad lib practicing the parts of speech we’d learned. I looked online for story inspiration and could find absolutely nothing, so I’m sharing the story I made up – feel free to use it with your own kids.

The Magic Bubble

Once upon a time, a boy was digging in his back yard with a (noun) and found a (type of container). He (verb, past tense) the (container again) and looked inside. All it contained was one pack of gum, but he had never seen anything like it before.

The package was (adjective), and when he opened it, it (verb, past tense). The gum smelled (adjective).

He took a piece out of the pack and (verb, past tense) it. It tasted (adjective)!

Eventually, he (verb, past tense) a bubble. But as soon the bubble was out of his mouth, it started (verb ending in ing) the boy up into the air.

It all happened so (adverb) that the boy simply held on tight to the gum in his mouth and floated along.

It must be magic, the boy thought. Holding onto his magic bubble, he sailed over (plural noun) and (plural noun). People who saw him were so (emotion), that they stopped and (verb, past tense).

Finally, a (adjective) wind blew him into a (noun). His bubble popped, and he landed on a (noun).

As soon as he got home, he ran out and (verb, past tense) the gum. He noticed a piece was missing. Just then, he heard someone a noise from above, and he saw (a person all know) floating away, a bubble in his/her mouth.


Kneading our Glee Gum

Kneading our Glee Gum

And if you’d like to learn about and make gum with your own children, I highly recommend Glee Gum’s kit. There’s no need to splurge on the Educator’s Guide if you’re not an educator – they have tons of resources and information right on their site about the history of gum (check out the “Lesson Plan” and “More Info” tabs at the link).

Save 15% off everything at GleeGum.com!
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We really loved the gum. We made three flavors: peppermint, cherry, and no flavor. All three were yummy, and the flavor lasted a surprisingly long time. Longer even than similarly made gums we’ve gotten at Whole Foods!

This would be an easy, fun (albeit messy) activity for a class, party, or just a rainy afternoon.


Photo Credit: Used with permission from brokenchopstick via Flickr Creative Commons

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