A Moment of Homeschool Panic

May 27th, 2014 by Dionna | 3 Comments
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Kieran on his first day of "Kindergarten"

Kieran on his first day of “Kindergarten”

I had a moment of panic earlier this year when I realized that we are officially homeschooling. My thought was, “Kieran is MISSING his kindergarten year! Are we doing the right thing?! Will he be upset that he’s missed that experience??”

And then I calmed down, because I *know* that what we’re doing is right for him.

We may not go to school in the traditional sense, but we are not short on education. We are active in two different homeschool co-ops, we participate in park/recess days, we attend events that are organized by other groups (the library, other homeschool associations, churches), and we have a thriving social calendar.

We have a daily routine that works for us, and he is flourishing, academically and socially.

Last fall, thinking he might appreciate a more traditional “kindergarten experience,” we tried a one day/week supplemental program. There was a teacher, 16 other kids, and a structured day. And he hated it so much that he didn’t last a month.

But you know what he doesn’t hate? Hanging out with me on the couch absorbing ancient history. Getting lost in math games on the computer. Playing chess with mama or papa. Going to “forest school” with a group of friends. Experiencing different educational settings, a wide assortment of age groups, and the ability to follow his interests as fully as he wants.

Kieran Chess

So as I read all of the Facebook statuses about the end of the school year, and I see kids who have happily completed their kindergarten year, I’m doing so without any angst. I’m proud of them – and of us!

My moment of homeschool panic has passed . . . for the time being. I’m sure it won’t be the last one, but I have a feeling it is something shared by parents no matter where or how their children are learning.

3 Responses to:
"A Moment of Homeschool Panic"

  1. Laura   Puginthekitchen

    I appreciate this because tonight, Liam graduates from the preK program and after that will be a full-time homeschooler. I’m still looking into co-ops (there are 5 options!) and laying out the goal for the year, but I have peace that we are making the right decision.

  2. Life Breath Present   LB_Present

    This is something I haven’t thought of when we think/talk about homeschooling. But, even though we haven’t started “officially” homeschooling (he’s still so young), I have almost wondered whether traditional schooling would work for us. Usually I remember that we want him to really learn and to do so at his own pace surrounding his interests, as they develop and change. So, homeschooling it is! :)

  3. Valerie @ Momma in Progress   mommainprogress

    Seeing all the “first day of kindergarten” photos in my Facebook newsfeed is what about killed me. Now we’re starting our fourth year and the panic/sense of missing something has subsided. ;-)

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