12 Years of Unrelieved Boredom (To Kill a Mockingbird (Re)Read)

May 23rd, 2015 by Dionna | Comments Off on 12 Years of Unrelieved Boredom (To Kill a Mockingbird (Re)Read)
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tkam school

I’m participating in the To Kill a Mockingbird Re-read (#TKAM on Facebook), and I love this book so much more than when my junior year English teacher assigned it! I particularly enjoy the thoughts of Scout, who is wise beyond her years. Scout’s thoughts on her first year of school resonated with me because of my own public school experience. I hope that my children are loving their own homeschool journeys, although I’m sure every child will find something to fault ;)

I added words to this photo to share with some of my homeschool groups on Facebook, feel free to share.

Are you (re)reading TKAM? What pieces of the book speak to you differently as an adult than they did as a child?

There’s still time to join in the great #TKAM (Re)Read – get it on Kindle and start reading today!

The (re)read is from May 21-31, 2015. (Amazon affiliate link above – thanks for helping put a little jingle in my jangle!)

Photo adapted with permission from Rick Kenrick via Creative Commons.

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