Fun with Fractions: 40+ Activities and Resources for Early Elementary Students

May 30th, 2015 by Dionna | 1 Comment
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fun with fractionsMy son is learning about fractions. To help make fraction-learning fun, we hosted a co-op class with some friends.

There is so much available online for kids to learn about fractions! I’m sharing some of the best resources (worksheets, activities, games, and more) I found when I was planning our class. Because my students were mostly on a 1st-2nd grade level, we worked mainly with beginning fraction facts (we did not go into equivalent fractions, adding and subtracting fractions, etc.).

The resources below in the list below are free (Amazon affiliate links included for manipulatives). And at the bottom of this post, I included the exact activities I planned for my class.

Fraction Videos

I emailed a few resources out to students before the class, including links to:

  • The Khan Academy videos on fractions;
  • and to this Introduction to Fractions Video.
  • This 7 minute YouTube video on understanding fractions is fairly good;
  • as is this YouTube video that shows kids how to partition rectangles and circles into halves and thirds.
  • There are so many more fraction videos on YouTube; there’s never time to go through them all!

  • When you’re ready to move beyond simple fractions, check out the Fraction Shuffle YouTube video. I love the idea of learning by song!
  • Fraction Games

    These games are either printable or you can make or buy them. I’ve split the online/computer games into their own section below.

    • Penguin Fractions Prediction activity and Fraction Predict and Compare are basically the same game with different graphics. Have students decide which of two fractions is bigger, and they can check their answers with fraction pictures.
    • Fraction Bingo cards from School Time Snippets – there are only four different cards, but the kids color the pieces, so the cards will be unique.
    • Fraction Quilt Bingo: In this twist on Fraction Bingo, students color in quilt pieces so that each bingo board is unique. What a fun idea!
    • I Have . . . Who Has? game – I almost bought a version on Teachers Pay Teachers (love that site, by the way), but I found a free PDF version from (check out this page, they have PDF decks for lots of different math skills!).
    • Fraction Golf: Students roll dice to make and compare fractions in this free game.
    • Fraction Match-up PDF from 2nd the Best: A free printable game for kids to match fractions (number form, word form, fraction of a whole, and fraction of a group).
    • Monster Party Game: a free printable game board and pieces to help students understand basic fractions.
    • Fraction Fun: A 2 player printable board game from Scholastic.
    • Fraction Dominoes with a printable set.
    • Roll, Slide, and Cover: a great dice game from Teachers Pay Teachers.
    • Reduce It! – this game was a little more advanced than what our class did, but I’m putting it here for future reference. Players use simple division to reduce fractions.

    Fraction Activities

    • Paper Fractions: A great way to introduce kids to the concept of “the higher the denominator, the smaller the number,” is to have kids cut paper strips. The site linked above explains the activity well.
    • Learning Fractions with Legos from Frugal Fun 4 Boys and another from And Next Comes L.
    • Name Fractions: I saw this idea on Pinterest, but the pin went to a spam site, so I’ll just describe it for you. Have your students write their names and determine what fraction of their names are consonants and what fraction are vowels. So for Dionna, 3/6 are consonants and 3/6 are vowels.
    • Fraction Tutorial: This video tutorial lets kids click through at their own pace.
    • Study Jams from Scholastic: There are quite a few “Study Jams” for fractions. Each has a video and a “test yourself” quiz (check out Study Jams for a wide range of topics here).
    • Partitioning Shapes: This teacher had students come up with ways to partition different shapes into fractions.
    • Fraction Avenue: Use clues to complete your street. A free printable from Ashleigh’s Education Journey.
    • Fraction Art PDF: I love this simple art activity to help students compare fractions.

    Other Free Printable Resources

    • Helping with Math Fraction Flashcards
    • Helping with Math also has a printable fraction chart that shows students what fractions from 1/2 up to 1/12 look like stacked on top of each other.
    • Worksheets from Helping Math that have students write out both the number and the word for each fraction (scroll down on the page for more worksheets).
    • This UK teaching ideas website has several printable resources and activities.
    • math salamanders also has many different free printables, as well as a fraction calculator.
    • Fraction Cards with circles and numbers from 1/2 to 4/4. You could use these for quick games like memory, Go Fish, etc. Here is another free set from Ashleigh’s Education Journey.
    • Color Fraction Kites from Mrs. Bainbridge’s Class Website.
    • Fractions Notebooking Pages (PDF): If your child has a notebook for math, print out the fraction pages to give them inspiration for writing. This site has several different templates for math notebooking pages and talks about why they can help kids learn.
    • Worksheet Fun has fraction coloring sheets and other printable worksheets.
    • Printable fraction circles from Every Star Is Different (she has several other fraction activities listed at this post).
    • Online Fraction Games and Apps

      • Helping Math has a drag and drop game where you match the fraction with the picture.
      • You can also try matching fractions to the words.
      • Sheppard Software has many fractions games.
      • Chicken Coop Fraction App: This app has several games that help kids estimate, visualize fractions on a number line, and more. (Also available for Apple devices.)
      • Mr. Nussbaum has a collection of fun, free fractin games you can play on your computer or iPad.
      • Math Playground has several free games.
      • Interactive Sites for Education has a round-up of online fraction games (clicking links will take you to external sites).
      • Soft Schools has a few beginning fractions games.
      • These are the fraction cubes we use. Very affordable from Amazon!

        These are the fraction cubes we use. Very affordable from Amazon!

        Our Class

        When planning my class, I loved reading the series on fractions from The Teacher Studio. That goes to her “day 1” – I think she has 2 weeks or so of great ideas and resources for fraction fun. I also used ideas and tips from this Exploring Equivalent Fractions PDF (and I’m keeping that for when we start on equivalent fractions later!).

        Here is what we did in our two hour class:

        1. We started by defining what a fraction is – equal parts of a whole. I used a whiteboard and we drew shapes, identifying whether or not they were fractions as drawn (kind of like the circles in this Pin1
        2. We split into groups of two, I gave them precut circles and rectangles and asked if they could fold them in half, in thirds, and in fourths. That idea came from The Teacher Studio, linked above.
        3. We played with fraction cubes. Manipulatives are SO good for learning fractions. As I’ve been doing more fraction activities with Kieran, we’ve used counting bears, seashells, and Legos. But the fraction cubes, especially, are a great way to let kids explore concepts, such as why 1/2 + 1/3 does not equal 2/5.
        4. We played “I Have, Who Has?” (linked above).
        5. We played Roll, Slide, and Cover (linked above).
        6. We made pizza. Each student got to choose his/her own toppings, and then we talked about what fraction of the pizza had cheese, what fraction had pepperoni, etc.
        7. We colored Fraction Bingo sheets (linked above) and played for prizes.
        8. At this point, we’d used the entire two hours. Our activities took way longer than I thought they would! So I handed parents a ton of worksheets that I printed from Fraction Fun: A Math Packet (a paid product from Teachers Pay Teachers – it’s handy, but nothing you couldn’t create from freebies online) and The Vegetable Garden (Fractions) (a paid product from Scholastic).


        Fraction display photo adapted with permission (words added) from misskprimary via Flickr Creative Commons.

        Fraction cube photo via Amazon.

        1. The Pin goes to a Teachers Pay Teachers resource that I did NOT buy.).

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  1. Jamie

    Thank you so much for these resources! We are having a blast with our new printable games today.

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