Do Nice, Be Kind, Spread Happy: Knock Down Ginger

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For Advent this year, we are going to perform ninja acts of kindness inspired by the book Do Nice, Be Kind, Spread Happy {DNBKSH}. DNBKSH is a book full of random acts of kindness that kids can perform, many without a parent’s help. I’m going to share some of our projects here to help spread the happy and inspire others! If you’d like to join us and do your own acts of kindness, share your story (or a link to your blog post) in the comments – I’ll gather them and publish them at the end of Advent season.

knock down ginger

Knock Down Ginger

Wikipedia tells me the phrase Knock Down Ginger comes from an old British poem:

Ginger, Ginger broke a winder
Hit the winda – crack!
The baker came out to give ‘im a clout
And landed on his back.

Children can play Knock Down Ginger two ways – either you knock and run (maybe not so nice), or you knock, leave a goody, and run (much nicer). DNBKSH suggests leaving cookies or a note or some other fun little surprise. My kids really wanted to bake cookies (no ulterior motive there, right?), so we made almond butter cookies with espresso chocolate chips. Yum.


They made cards to put with the cookies (cookie monster cards, naturally), and had fun leaving the cookies on doorstops, knocking, and running away. Well, Kieran ran away. Ailia stayed to visit, but that’s Ailia!

The kids made cookies, drew #cookiemonster cards, & are playing #knockdownginger on some of our neighbors. #donice #bekind #spreadhappy

2015-11-28 01

Do you have a neighbor who need a small kindness? You don’t have to bake cookies – take a trash can down on trash day, rake leaves, scrape ice from their car windows, leave a note that wishes them a good day. Anything to bring a smile and spread the happy!

By the way – you can find my Usborne page now at – and you can get your own copy of Do Nice, Be Kind, Spread Happy right there!

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