Would you like to reach thousands of mamas and families interested in natural parenting, consensual living, eclectic learning, and compassionate advocacy?

Code Name: Mama is offering graphic advertising on main and post pages, , as well as opportunities for reviews + giveaways, conference sponsorships, and social media promotion.

THE REACH OF CODE NAME: MAMA is in the Top 5 Family Blogs on Technorati, draws in tens of thousands of visitors each month, and has a Google Pagerank of 4.

Dionna is the co-founder of Natural Parents Network and, and is a regular contributor on many popular parenting and green living sites, such as BestforBabes (where she also serves on the Legal and Take Action Steering Committees), Sustainablog,, and Hobo Mama. She co-hosts a monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting that draws dozens of participants and hundreds of readers (169 participants in 2011!).

Dionna has an incredibly active community growing and thriving on Facebook (over 8,000 fans and lots of reader participation), Twitter (over 3,800 followers), and Pinterest boards (over 1,300 followers).

We also offer advertising and sponsorship across the blogs of – a site Dionna cofounded, and – the site of NPN’s cofounder, Lauren.

Both Natural Parents Network and Hobo Mama have a reach and visitor stats similar to Code Name: Mama.

Contact us for more information about our reach: Dionna {at} CodeNameMama {dot} com


We would love to promote your natural parenting products and companies.



You will have shared advertising on our main and post pages throughout your campaign. Ads are put into a sponsorship section and rotated randomly on each page refresh.

We cannot place ads only on the main page due to our network sites.

We rotate ad spots on our sites. If you don’t see your ad on a single viewing, be sure to refresh the page. We cannot guarantee a certain number of impressions, but ads are rotated randomly and over time will display evenly with the other ads purchased. Sponsors can pay a premium price for a non-rotating ad spot at the bottom of the sponsorship section.

Our ad network is a fantastic opportunity to advertise across three popular parenting sites at a reduced rate. Our ad network consists of Code Name: Mama, Hobo Mama and Natural Parents Network. You can advertise on an individual site, or add sites at a discounted rate.

Here is a selection of some of our most popular options:

Most ads are 125×125 and are rotated evenly in the sponsorship section in the sidebar of each site. You can choose a larger ad or a non-rotating ad at the bottom of the sponsor section (up to 150×150 for those premium slots).

We also offer advertising below posts. Our single-post rate for a large 300×250 ad is to allow you to highlight your business on our most popular posts. We can choose the post with the most pageviews for you, or we can work with you to determine a well-trafficked post that works well with your business.

Included in our rates:

  • Quarterly sponsor shout-out on our Facebook pages & Twitter streams (sponsors can personalize with sale announcements, coupon codes, store updates, etc.)
  • Annual newsletter shout-outs: The December issue of our emailed newsletter will be devoted to our sponsors, and each sponsor will receive a line of information and a link.

Additional shout-out options as well as additional services are available in Premium Add-Ons.

Contact Dionna {at} CodeNameMama {dot} com for other sizes and rates and a full brochure of advertising options.


We offer other services to help stretch your sponsorship dollars and further promote your business to natural parents.

We can feature your company in a quality “Meet Our Sponsor” post on Natural Parents Network, Code Name: Mama, and Hobo Mama Reviews for $50 per site if you have a current 3- or 6-month advertising contract, or $30 per site if you have a current 1-year advertising contract with us.

We can provide reviews & giveaways when prize minimums are met (see section on giveaways below). Advertising sponsors with a current paid contract are also eligible for a shorter giveaway post for only $25 per site (no review items required). Contact us for more details.

Other services available include:

  • Extra Facebook & Twitter shout-out (price per shout-out, up to two monthly)
  • Newsletter advertising in the sidebar of our monthly e-news
  • Dedicated paragraph and photo in our December newsletter
  • Facebook live chats about a topic related to and sponsored by the sponsor
  • Twitter party about a topic related to and sponsored by the sponsor
  • Google Hangout about a topic related to and sponsored by the sponsor
  • Conference call about a topic related to and sponsored by the sponsor
  • Podcast with or about the sponsor
  • Video with or about the sponsor

Email us for applicable rates.

Please contact us at Dionna {at} CodeNameMama {dot} com to tell us a little about your company and advertising wishes, and we will arrange for advertising and budgeting options that fit your needs.



Our ad placements are sold quarterly, with ads running seasonally — Spring (March-May), Summer (June-August), Fall (September-November), or Winter (December-February). Your ad can begin running in the next available quarter to receive full value.

If the quarter has already begun and you don’t wish to wait, ad prices are not pro-rated and your ad will expire at the end of the quarter with the other placements. This is to simplify our renewal process; we apologize for any inconvenience or waiting involved.



Pricing is prepaid, and payments are invoiced through PayPal. You are not required to have a PayPal account to send money. We do not offer refunds on contracts canceled by the advertiser.

All prices are in U.S. dollars.

We reserve the right to change advertising prices and placements upon renewal.

We are willing to work with small companies who have small budgets, so don’t be afraid to contact us at Dionna {at} CodeNameMama {dot} com with your inquiries.

We can also arrange for services designing a suitable ad, for a small fee.


We love to promote companies that offer products relevant to a natural parenting lifestyle — particularly any small or parent-run companies, eco-conscious businesses, baby boutiques, nursing boutiques, Etsy sellers, and mom-and-pop businesses that cater to the natural parenting crowd.

We will determine whether the company or product is a good fit for our network of readers, so we can introduce the companies we support to our readers. We require that companies and products we work with comply with the World Health Organization’s International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes as well as other natural parenting ideals. Please contact us if you are unsure whether your company or product is a good fit: Dionna {at} CodeNameMama {dot} com.



Code Name: Mama offers giveaways, reviews, and deals on quality products of interest to parents living a natural lifestyle.

Readers and contributors at Code Name: Mama are primarily women and mothers of babies and young children. They do the shopping for their family needs, and they are looking for products that are relevant to their natural lifestyle, are eco-friendly and of high quality, and are a good value.

Please contact us to start a conversation about your product to see if it would be a good fit for our network of readers: Dionna {at} CodeNameMama {dot} com. Please understand if we decline any products we feel would not be a good fit for our readership.



Sponsoring a review and giveaway is a great way to spread the word about your natural parenting product. Everybody loves a chance to win, and contestants enjoy the opportunity to learn more about your product or company.

I require one representative sample for me to use and review, and one matching product sent to the winner after the giveaway ends. You can also choose to cross-promote your giveaway on Natural Parents Network as well. NPN has an additional requirement: to reward our volunteers for their time in producing and promoting the review, we also require either an advertising contract, or alternatively, a third matching product that we can use as a gift for one of our hard-working volunteers. Each product should have a minimum retail value of $40. (Multiple smaller items can be combined into a single prize.)

If I feel we cannot recommend the product to my readers, I’ll contact you privately.

I will promote the giveaway avidly during its run, using a combination of contest listing sites, social media, and blogging.

Entries will require a visit to your website as well as bonus entries of your choice, such as signing up for a company newsletter, subscribing to a company blog, or following your business on Twitter or Facebook.

Please note that companies will be responsible for shipping all products. I am happy to ship products for the company for a $10 fee per product shipment plus the cost of postage.

To suggest a product for giveaway consideration, please contact Dionna {at} CodeNameMama {dot} com.



I am not accepting sponsored reviews without a giveaway at this time.



In conjunction with a giveaway or advertising partnership, feel free to offer exclusive coupon codes and discounts to NPN readers. It’s a great way to leverage the effect of a promotion and track the effectiveness of your advertising.



BlogHer '13
You can fully or partially sponsor our NPN founders’ attendance at a blogging conference, such as BlogHer or Blissdom, and receive special promotion in return. Dionna and Lauren are currently accepting sponsorship shares for BlogHer ’13, which takes place this July in Chicago. Costs include conference passes, transportation, and lodging, and all conference funds collected will go toward these and related costs.

Please contact us at Dionna {at} CodeNameMama {dot} com to discuss conference sponsorship, to receive a sponsorship brochure, or with any other questions.

Thank you!

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