Breastfeeding Past Infancy Resources

Vanessa tandem nursing her almost 3-year-old daughter and 9-month-old son

Educate yourself! Breastfeeding past infancy is normal, natural, and healthy. Below are resources, please email me if you know of one I missed.1

Breastfeeding Past Infancy: Normal, Natural, Healthy

Gently Weaning After Infancy

Photo Credit: Martin Schoeller/Time Magazine

Responses I love to Time Magazine’s stories and cover photo shoot:

I created this page in response to the brouhaha which came in the wake of Time Magazine’s cover photo and story, “Are You Mom Enough?” I took part in the cover photo shoot for Time (picture #3 with my two nurslings). I was proud to be photographed tandem nursing my four year old, because I am passionate about normalizing breastfeeding past infancy. I do think that we2 managed to educate at least some people about how normal and healthy breastfeeding past infancy is for both mothers and children. Here are some of my favorite posts about the issue.

  1. Many thanks to Pat of Heal Thyself for helping me find several of these resources.
  2. We being the four families who agreed to participate in the photo shoot and the many breastfeeding advocates who wrote about it after Time released the issue.

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