Category: ’Ensure Safe Sleep’

When Sharing Sleep Is Tiring

May 23rd, 2013 by Dionna - 16 Comments

I often admit to newer mamas that some of my worst parenting moments with Kieran happened at bedtime. While I don’t particularly like the “Go the F*&k to Sleep” book, I can commiserate with the sentiment. What do you do when you are at the end of your rope at bedtime?

Crying Does Not Equal Manipulation

July 27th, 2012 by Dionna - 49 Comments

The idea that babies cry to manipulate their parents is a pretty widespread belief, and I wanted to share a few thoughts on an alternative way to think about babies (or toddlers, or older children) crying.

I Am Dad Enough!

May 28th, 2012 by Dionna - 18 Comments

Attachment parenting does not only have to be about moms; their partners are just as important. In our family, I am papa enough for lots of things.

The Strength of a Mother

December 19th, 2011 by Dionna - 5 Comments

Have you ever stopped to consider your own strength as a mother? This is a beautiful post from Starr of Taking Time.

Crying in Our Family Bed

December 15th, 2011 by Dionna - 32 Comments

When I thought about adding to our family bed, I only thought about how much I’d enjoy snuggling with a newborn. I never even considered the fact that my nighttime snuggle time with Kieran would suddenly disappear.

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