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Once your comment is posted it then is the property of CNM. I can edit, format, reuse or delete the comment as I wish, or display it for as long as I wish. I will not necessarily offer reasons or any warning why I have altered or deleted a comment.

Occasionally your comment may be held for moderation. I will manually approve your comment as soon as I can and apologize for the delay.

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Correct email addresses are required. Email addresses will never be published. Email addresses will not be shown in comments. Please leave your correct email address so I have the ability to reply to your comment via email.

What is not acceptable

I encourage thoughtful, mature debate on everything I post. That does not include profanity, poor spelling and grammar, personal attacks, off-topic comments, hostility disguised by sarcasm, and spam.

It is my desire to host a thoughtful, encouraging community for parents who practice or are interested in the natural/attachment parenting philosophy, consensual living, eclectic learning, and compassionate advocacy. If you find yourself disagreeing with most of the content here, there are many other websites/communities where you might feel more comfortable. And remember, you can always take what works for you and your family and leave the rest.


The avatars that are shown are via Gravatar. If you do not have one associated with your email address it will show a default image, however I suggest you sign up to get one since many blogs use this feature!1

  1. Thanks to onestarrynight for allowing me to use and modify her commenting guidelines.

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