For My Children: Raves and Reviews

For My Children: A Mother’s Journal of Memories, Wishes, and Wisdom has been receiving some amazing reviews from bloggers and readers. I have been honored and flattered by the kind words from friends, family, and (squee!) complete strangers. Take a look!

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From Our Feminist {Play} School: “I love that this book is something that you could dive into for 20 minutes, and then come back to in a week to add more of your treasured thoughts. The prompts that Dionna offers her reader/writer are playful, thought-provoking, and they invite honesty – I love that.”

From Living Peacefully with Children: “I was 12 when my mother was first diagnosed with cancer. . . . When she was gone, it was much too soon. . . . [T]here were so many things left unsaid because I just hadn’t reached that stage in my life where I knew to ask her about them.”

From Job Description: Mommy: “I am so excited to be able to give my mother this beautiful journal for her to record her motherhood thoughts in, and one day leave for me, so that I might carry on some of hers dreams, memories, and moments. I am so blessed to be my mother’s daughter. I am so proud of her, and her journey, which has helped me immensely in my own.”

From Inspired by Savannah: My mother lost her mother right after I was born. And, growing up, I would enjoy listening to stories my mother told my brothers and I of her. But, I noticed as I got older, that as time passed, it was harder for my mother to recall specific details. I know that we don’t want to think about our parents not being here, but this would have been the perfect journal to have shared with her mother. That way, my mother, whenever she wanted to be comforted with my grandmother’s words of wisdom, stories, etc., could simply pull out this journal and read from it.

Hybrid Rasta Mama: A reggae loving mama’s thoughts on  Conscious Parenting, Natural Living, Holistic Health and General Mindfulness

From Hybrid Rasta Mama: Beautifully designed and illustrated, this perfect gift contains creative prompts that spark Mom’s recollections of fun family vacations, favorite childhood games, and special holidays. The thought-provoking queries allow Mom to delve into her own lifetime of experiences — her childhood and school years, falling in love and getting married, and, most of all, having and raising children. This collection of fill-in-the-blank lists is the easiest way for a mother to record on paper answers to the questions her children never thought to ask but will love to discover.

From Three Blind Wives: “There isn’t a better legacy to leave than to allow those who come after you to get to know you. For My Children is a journal designed for a mom of grown children who is reflecting back on her years of growth, change, and wisdom. The writing prompts are clear, reflective, and vary from the heavy (have you ever nursed a broken heart?) to the somewhat lighter (what are your go-to recipes for social events?).”


From Becoming Crunchy: You know how a beautiful journal just inspires you to want to fill it up? I always feel that way when I browse the fancy journal section in the bookstore – and For My Children fits that bill perfectly. It’s so pretty! The illustrations, the colours – everything about it cries, “Write in me!”

From Echoes of Laughter: I adore the colourful illustrations and graphics on the pages, as well as it’s convenient size {5.5″ x 8.5″} It’s small enough to sit on a bedside table so it can be filled out at night… when the house is calm and quiet…which is what I plan to do! Or it can easily go into a purse or tote bag to become a traveling “project on the go.” And it could become a lovely home to stash small mementos such as movie tickets, small pictures or pressed flowers.

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